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We're the monthly newsletter that is leading the ART REVOLUTION AGAINST the handful of CORPORATE ART AND MEDIA CONGLOMERATE WEASELS (there are less than 9 now) who control virtually all of the arts and media in the U.S.; and we are FOR the best of all the "Indie" (independent) artists outside of corporate art.

NAQ's: Not Asked Questions. A quick summary of the ART REVOLUTION.

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Back Issues Of Musea. Many recent back issues.

The 2007 Summer Issue

The Best of Musea E-mail Club (July 2006-June 2007)

The May 2007 All Art Quiz Issue

The 2006 Christmas Issue

Musea issue #152, November 2006 is available in the print version only. It contains the complete Koan Cartoon collection - the 3 panel cartoon series - all 18.

July - August 2006: A Year of Quizes

June 2006 Musea Art Center - Part B

The May 2006 Issue isn't on the web, here's why

The Art Quiz and The Sayings of Editor Art

A Year of Musea Emails From Tom

Full Moon: 100 Pieces of the Moon

Mondo Tom (the Movie version of Tom!), June 2005

the Kid's Issue

The Reviews Issue

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Library Planet, a new, short novel by Tom Hendricks

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February 2004 the Best of Email Issue

The Fashion Issue

Musea's 2003 Fall TV Preview; The Hunkasaurus Songbook Issue; October 2003 issue, also see March's issue Tom's Top 70 Film Summaries

Tenth Anniversary Issue! 1000 Reviews About Everything, (Parts 1 and 2) and The Game of Twelves celebrating 10 years of Musea

Musea is looking for a few good Venture Capitalists

The Best Comedies issue. Other "bests:" The Best Children's Illustrators List

Musea Misc: links to 100 Best Books of all time;

The Musea Essay on Education

I found it! ALL ARTS GALLERY! Click here for a net gallery open to all types of artists and all types of art

Musea has plans for the future - and here they are

The Art Revolution, A Quick Summary, or

The 10 Greatest Poets of All Time

First in a Series: The Best Painters of all time

Cogitology, a series of essays on thinking;

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Editor Tom's Health Theory

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