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Musea Editor Art S Revolutionary, is our resident smart aleck and wiseacre. Here's his latest sayings, maxims, cuts; slogans,

mantras, cliches; truisms, chestnuts, and bon mots.As always, the rest of the Musea staff disavows everything.


Thinking caps ajar?


Rigidness never brings vitality


What astronauts are thinking about poverty? What poor are thinking about going to Mars?


Jazz changed America, but rock and roll changed the world!


Most complaints seem to be with corporations/governments with a lot of bureaucracy.


Poverty grinds


(On the Walt Disney Concert Hall - architect Frank Gehry) I prefer a little less Goofy.


(On contrarians) Don't be a lawyer, don't be a red pen, don't be a footnote.


(On those against all science) And Galileo is still in Jail!


While Hollywood stars walk the red carpet, theater workers are swept under it.


Poor and not knowing it, is not poor at all


An important part of being young is to be shallow and silly.


If you want a change, support the changers!


For every trickle down economic model, there is a trickle up one that works as well or better.


For every cut in social welfare, we need an equal percentage cut in corporate welfare.


Which brings more security, fighting a war over there, or ending poverty here - both cost the same.


Life - not a fluke OF nature, but an adaptation TO nature.


My laboratory is between my ears.


Movie cute - that's when the dialogue is a little too clever for the characters saying it.






There are two types of art: realism, and exaggeration.


Conceptual; art can be anything - even bad art!


Part of the vitality of modern art was its rebellion against traditional art.


Paint by number abstract!


Modern art - dada without the charm.


Duchamp broke new ground 100 years ago. Now his clones are just shoveling dirt.


His art spoke to me - bit it didn't have anything nice to say!


It's like conceptual art - it's worth nothing.




The strongest country, the biggest army, the most afraid


Is Heaven a gated community


As rare as sheet music for spoons players.


Enjoy the stairs!






Rock used to rebel against a boring world. Now it has become a boring world.


The More musicians sound alike, the more they are praised.


Hunkasaurus : 1 standard guitar, 1 voice, 1 revolution.


A no hit wonder has no career. A one hit wonder has a career for life.


The first singer that says, "I won't be auto-tuned to sound like a machine" will be accused by critics of not being able to sing on pitch!


Rock doesn't rock anymore.


Put your lip sync where your mouth is.


Lip syncing - tongue in cheek!


Hunkasaurus - a box office star!


Guitars, bass, drums ... it's been done!




Granting that all life is chance and blind bumping in the night. We still are moving, and moving forward, and moving toward something that always seems to be more spiritual, more religious, more heaven like.


We are more religious than bacteria. Now take it up more levels of complexity than us.


We don't have memories to remember things. We have memories to edit out things!


We are the people on the edge of history.




Hollywood where people think a sequel is an original idea.


Tommy: You are super and slightly duper!


Student: Why do I have to learn algebra? I'll never use it!

Teacher: Not in serving fries!


Hey Government put me on your No-Call list. (Me to the NSA)


Sometimes left field has the best solutions.


Looking for a piece of straw in a haystack.


Sometimes it's better for a writer to 'read' well, then write well.


No scheme works as well as when it's on the drawing board.


My slogan used to be "simplify, simplify, simplify!".Now it's, "simplify."


A half opened door demands a look inside.


This alien was even weird for HIS planet!


Sometimes love isn't blind enough!


The first idea is seldom the best.


Value truth over credentials.


The bigger danger for humans may not be predators but pathogens.


I saw tomorrow and I came back.


At the restaurant my fortune cookie told me "You're about to pay a bill."


Working together to get work. (Grass roots idea of a National Hiring Day)


She has a personality that nobody can detect.


The problem with heightened security is that it never goes away even after the danger has.


Does the cat know he's in church?


X: Where in Dallas do you live?

Y: Near the double "L".


His birthstone was dust.


The real scary monster for 12 year old boys is puberty.


The media's job is to not only report the problems, but also the solutions.


Child replies to Mom: I bet dinosaurs didn't have manners!


Strange, the older my photos are, the younger I look!


Just like the zero advanced math, so the eraser advanced art.


Nature seems to tell us that God is not a melodramatic god, but a methodical one.


My design for a time machine is ahead of it's time.


A smile is the accessory that enhances every fashion.


Selection trumps civilization


A bowl of cherries is on the menu!




Dallas is number one in copying what other cities do first.


Every house is a little haunted


If it has a lid, we want to lift it.


Thinking outside the outside of the box.


The economy is so bad that even hot cakes aren't selling like hot cakes!


He is so anal he mails letters in alphabetical order!


Don't eat when it's dark outside. (Give your body time to digest before sleep)


Hey girls, astronomers help you see stars!


Writing is scary when done correctly.


We imagine ourselves as too much philosopher and not enough animal.


Tapping your toes or shaking in your boots?


Solving poverty is easy - getting new ideas into stubborn minds - impossible.


Don't let drugs go to your head!


Filling in blanks with blanks


If a little girl falls into icy water, does God want her to drown or someone to save her?


Gray hair - highlights you have to earn!


"Iron that escalator!"


On the INTERNET: Who can stay elite with such democratizing going on?


Skinny people want to control themselves. Fat people want to control others.


There's a big world outside our world.


Everything seems to take longer but go faster!


Pandora's Pop-Up Book.


Shouldn't a period at the end of a novel be bigger than the others?


The rest of you were Frank Lloyd Wrong! (On the Art Quiz Weekly Question)


Between lost and found.


There are a lot of things that don't work in fashion and most of them came from the 70's


Dividing the nation into 2 opposite sides insures that nothing gets done.


Science is a paradigm.


That theory of physics has strings attached!


I hate book introductions (prologues, prefaces, etc.). Say it in the text, or don't say it.


The American sword-stuck-in-the-anvil, is a shovel stuck in the sod.


Remember, if the old ideas worked, we wouldn't still have the problem.


There is always a raven perched on Pallas.


The Beatles had two phases : the first was rock and roll, the second was art songs.


Tommy: I'm writing my own marriage vows. The first line reads "This is not legally binding....


Tommy: We live in different worlds.... mine is earth!


In every exotic land there is someone dreaming of here.


Be careful not to predict the future in ways that avoid trying anything new!


On Atriums: I feel like I'm in a bird cage and I can't fly!


What you are feeling in your gut, is what you are feeling in your gut!


When I define God as all there is, then we know God is.


When you hit bottom .... bounce!









Musea is

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Sayings of Editor Art - Issue


Musea #192 May/Jun/Jul

(c) Tom Hendricks 2014


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