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Regular readers of my zine know that someday I would like to start 3 things on my website as an outgrowth of my zine:

1. A Musea Gallery open to all

2. A Net Newspaper without adds

3. A no-ad net radio station that plays good music with no formats.

Well, somebody else has already done the first idea and done it very well

The link that follows will take you to a net gallery open to all types of artists and all types of art:

I really gasped when I first saw this site by Nathan Beach and Todd Stedler. I yelled out, hey they're doing what I was thinking. It is an easy to navigate site that works beautifully in spotlighting just about every type of art you can put on a web site. A list comes on the screen of titles with what kind of art, the artist, etc. and you click on one and up pops that work - quickly and clearly. And the subjects covered include: music, photos, collage, painting, drawing, computer art, a play, a screenplay, articles, prose, children's books, etc. Plus there are some essays from the founders explaining what they are trying to do.

Go ahead and click on it. Musea recommends it.

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