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Editor: Readers may question how sincere and intense and ART REVOLUTION is when each month we investigate an art form, offer up a plate of revolutionary ideas, the move on to the next like a flat rock skipping across the water. But I'm here to say that each of these stories is part of a bigger blueprint. And that blueprint is:

This article shows you a summary/index of all the art fields/issues we've covered so far. I invite you to look up and read whatever interests you.

Donna Turman (Musea website) says the revolution hasn't reached 'critical mass' yet. Right she is. So until more people support the revolution and/or less people support corporate art we will continue paving the way with our zine. And thanks to all of you who have supported us all these years in our quest for an art revolution.


(Each category lists the title of the articles and the issue of Musea they appeared in. Also, it lists the name of the author if other than Art S. Revolutionary (Tom Hendricks).

Finding a Space: The Final Frontier (#69)
Art Spaces - Michael Dittman (#69)
Zines and Four Walls - Alden Scott Crow (#69)
Dancing Through Purgatory: Some Scattered Thoughts on Art and Commerce - Fran McMillian (#66)
Requiem for Mom & Pop Stores (#65)
The Art of Business in the Art Business (#62)
No-Ad November 15th (annual protest day against ads) (#61)
The Sayings of Editor Art (#59)
A Starving Artist Stands on His Soapbox to Take a Look at Capitalism (#58)
Musea Salutes Kids (kids, art and the art revolution) (#55)
Three Rooms, It's Open House at Musea (art center): #1 Techreaction, #2 Community Hall, #3 World Wide Spider (WWW), #4 World Newspaper (#52)
Who is Corporate Art? (#50)
Artists Real & Imagined (Artist stereotype) (#46)
Artists & the Zombie World (Artists and sociology) (#44)
Artist Evaluation & Support Agency (#43)
English Spelling Reforms (#42)
The Revolution in Art Technology or How I'll Win the War Daddy (#30)
Orders for Art Revs (#28)
A Primer for the Art Revolution (#27)
A Dialogue on the Art world (Musea and Kathryn Hargreaves) (#26)
What We Stand For & Against (#28)
Art Revolutionary's Quiz (#25)
The NEA, The Dallas Arts District, Prince Charles and the Bath House (#24)
Art Revolutionary Festivals 1-3: At the Arts Rev Festival (#15, 16, 22)
Dateline 2000: Dallas Becomes Art Center to the World (#20)
Musea Challenge to radio/publishing/film companies (#19)
Art Revolutionary's Quiz#1 (#69)
And the Winner Is...(Art Awards) (#8)
Intro to the Arts Rev (1st Issue)

Alt. Comics (#75)
I Hate Zine Poetry! (#65)
The Fall and Rise(?) of American Book Publishing (#60)
On Demand Publishing (#60)
Musea's Hall of Fame (#70, 57, 43, 41)
Musea's Reading Fund (#57)
Shockism (80's lit movement) (#11)
Man Reads Zine and Lives (#7)

How to Make a Film for $5 (#75)
Guerilla Theater (theater chain) (#71)
Guerilla Film Distribution (#71)
Revolution in Film (short story films, new acting, etc.) (#46)

Broadway - Theater of the Absurd or the Great Hype Way (#45)
Thea-taa (Revolution in) (#11)

Musea Programs a TV Network (#61)

In Sitio (Zine) Wins Art Rev Cash for Guerilla work (on British Computer Ad) (Robert, ed. of In Sitio (#75)
Protest as Your Best Entertainment Value (Reverend Richard J. Mackin) (#72)
Corporate Collectibles: How Much is a Plastic Soul Worth? (Davida Gypsy Breier) (#72)

Guerilla Music: Fighting the Big 6, the Corporate Art Music Companies (#68)
Guerilla Records (#68)
Hunk's Resume (Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar - The Most Revolutionary Musician in America?) (#62)
Hunkasaurus Writes Wal-Mart (#62)
Hunkasaurus's Declarationof Independence (#54)
Before You Sign With Corporate Rock (Steve Albini/Musea) (#53)
Why I Hate Bands (#26)
An Open Letter to George Michael (#25)
Musea Gets 12 X 12 Record Co. for a Song (#23)
Letter to ASCAP on the Arts Revolution (#22)
Dream CD (#12)
Keys (#12)
Music Live (#9)
Rock is Over. Wow is Here (#5)

The Good, The Bad and the NO-AD (Special Newspaper issue: Letter to the Media-Why I Don't Trust you/ A Few Good Newspapers [Alden Scott Crow); A No-AD Newspaper: The Monday & Friday World News) (#73)
Dear Channel 4,5,8, & 11 TV News (will you pledge not to show snuff films?) (#68)
Special Report: Who Will Respond To Our Media better (#47)
Enough Rope Interviewing Technique (#46)
Musea on Newspapers - A Tree Is A Terrible Thing to Waste (#40)
Why The Media Can't, Doesn't, or Won't Tell You The Truth (#32)
Dallas Morning News Art Coverage: Why Dallas Deserves Better and their response (#2l,#22,#23)

Canvassing The Issue (Mass market painting reproduction, distribution, and exhibition) (#66)
On Abstract Painting or "I Don't Get It" (#35)
Revolution in Painting (#5)

New City (#76)
The Musea Plan, Dallas 30 Years Forward (The Art of City Planning, Triangle Town) (#53)
Art On The Largest Scale of All: City Planning (#36)

Surf's Up, The Musea Website is Launched or All You Ever Needed to Know About the Internet-Click! (Musea/Donna Turman) (#70)
The BOX (The Future of the Internet) (#64)
Opening The Internet to All (#54)
Internet Cafe (#44)

U.S.S Musea (#71) // Art De Triomphe (Art Arch) (#58) // Blocks (#55) // Tower (#52) // Saturn Cafe (#52) //Bell Tower (#16)

Catty About The Catwalk or A Damsel In This Dress (#56)
Housedallas (#15)

Hunkasaurus's "John Henry" Challenge to Radio (#54)
Radio, Rev. in (#4)

Rev. In Dance (#17)

Alternate News Source - logo (Kevin White/Musea) (#59)
(No) Bands The Tool Of Corporate Rock (Kevin White/Musea)(#49)
(No) Rock, Its Become Everything It Started Out Opposing (Kevin White/Musea) (#49)
A.A.C.A - ARTISTS AGAINST CORPORATE ART logo/sticker (Kevin White/Musea; Tim Wood) (#35,#31,#29)
A.A.C.A. T-Shirt (#56)
Musea Reading Fund (free $$$ for classic books & recordings) (#57)
Musea Gargoyle (to protect our readers) (#51)

ART REVOLUTIONARY'S HANDBOOK (Illustrated) has most all the articles on the art revolution from the 1st 10 issues of Musea

BEST OF MUSEA THE 1ST 50 ISSUES. A big sum up of all the art revolution and art in the first 50 issues. Many contributors!

MUSEA BOOKS & MUSIC CATALOGUE: Lists both of the above, plus Portraits (novel); Moon Tea (childrens lit); Invaders (sci-fi in verse); All About Nothing (G. K. H. Bryant essays); Rating The 60's Concerts (Woody Stock); The Philosopher (tale by G. K. H. Bryant); Medusa, The 1st Greek Play in 2000 Years - plus 2 tapes: Tom's Favorites from 12 By 12 and Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar.

MUSEA WEBSITE: http://musea A full introduction to all things Musea plus many recent issues of the zine Musea, plus many links, and more. (Donna Turman)

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