issue #74

Issue #75

Table of Contents

Your Ticket to Musea on Film, including easy instructions for making a full length feature film for $5, and "Newsreel" an update on foreign films and filmakers

Your Guide to the Revolution

Art Surfing Catch a Wave! Read to the end for the comics

Hard News Musea has seen the future of art!

Gregory Bryant The Living Universe

Zagreus Nebula Sometimes a Nebulous Notion

Davida Gypsy Breier takes you car hopping

Three Encounters by Michael Helsem

Poetry Page

The Latest Contest

Back Issue Articles

ROBERT from the Netherlands zine, In Sitio writes: "This is a photocopy of a page from the full color British magazine called What's Online - an Internet site mag for which I create corporate art. I snuck in a little promotion for In Sitio and Musea. So I'm entering your $10 competition." Robert, you've won! Thanks for that Art Rev. Attitude! (Note 4 references to Musea on the car!) Who'll be next?

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