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Dear Readers: This is an issue of ideas, new ideas, a lot of new ideas, a plethora of new ideas. These ideas of mine will hopefully, at their least, cause you to think about alternative solutions; and at their best, will incite you to help make some of these a reality! We will see, time will tell, etc. etc. etc..

Through Musea, I have championed five BIG ideas*. Those are off the table this round. Instead in this issue I talk about, recap, and re introduce, a collection of SMALL ideas on all aspects of... well everything.  Take a look, see what you think, and let me know!

So without further adieu this issue of Musea brings to you:




AACA EMBLEM. Adding the Artists Against Corporate Art Emblem to your work, shows that you oppose the abuses of corporate art. Anyone that supports the idea, is welcome to use the emblem anywhere they want.  There are also AACA logo T-shirts.

AMERICAN UNIFORM  Blue jeans, white t-shirt, white socks, and sneakers.

ARCHITECTURAL GARDEN  Architectural garden with 12 buildings in the gardens: Includes Art Arch, Moon Sculpture, Bell Tower, Book Rocket, Lookout Tower,and more.

ART ENVELOPES: Handmade one of a kind mailing envelopes from glossy magazine photos.

ART NECKLACE Start with a clear see through hollow plastic pendant. Then insert any small  piece of paper: favorite photo, painting reproduction, quote, etc. That makes it a one of a kind, inexpensive, but classy, necklace with contents you can change.

ART OLYMPICS  Olympics, not for athletes but for artists: painters, writers, performers, architects, etc. Hold it every four years too.

ART REVOLUTION FESTIVALS  Day long festivals that are open to all arts, with a performance stage, an exhibit space for art and writings etc. Three have been held.

ASTROLOGY NATAL CHART PAINTING  Painting of the sun, moon, and planets, as they were at your moment of birth.

A-TOM-IC COMICS  Biographical comic series that explores the world, art, and life of Tommy and his magic square box. Stories drawn by many different cartoonists.


BAGATELLES. Short original piano pieces usually composed in a 3 part form:  a major section, a minor section in the middle, and then the major section repeats.

BALLOON BOY COVERAGE Media coverage that has shifted from news to gore, scandal, and political conflicts of the few. This avoids dealing with serious issues that involve millions. It's named after the Balloon Boy scandal.

BELL TOWER Circular, domed, building houses a series of bells that not only chime on the hour, but play a short musical piece once a day .

BIG LIST The first, best music on the net, list, with 200 plus songs. These are great new and old songs that 99.99% of the world has never heard. If the internet is the world's jukebox, this is its first best music list.

BLOCKS Miniature toy building components - doors, windows, roofs, walls, fixtures, etc. They are so accurate in detail that little architects (of all ages) can build real looking houses, buildings, or even skyscrapers.

BOOK ROCKET- a library of kid's classic books, built in the shape of a rocket.

BOX  Computer, TV, phone, radio, music player etc.; all merged into one portable 'Box". Later just a screen on your sunglasses! First suggested in Feb. 1998!

BOX OFFICE CONCERTS  My world's only (?) music concerts from the glass kiosk, ticket booth at the celebrated Inwood Movie Theater in Dallas, Texas.

BUTTON JACKETS  Take a stylish jacket. Add hundreds of pins or buttons to make it a one of a kind fashion piece. Ex. cameo brooches, bottle caps, political pins, etc.


CAR DESIGNS Because electric cars don't need to be built to save gas, they can be built in any shape. Why not take classic car bodies from favorite designs of the 50's and 60's, and put them on top of electric cars of today?

CLOTHES DESIGNER'S FASHION SHOW. New designers may not be able to afford to make the clothes they design,  but they can draw and paint them. Then display the new creations as an art exhibit, and later; turn the best works into real clothes. Do the same idea with an exhibit of drawings by new architects.

COGITOLOGY. Musea booklet by Gregory K. H. Bryant and myself that lists and discusses ideas on how to think more clearly, creatively, and insightfully.

COLD WAR PARTY. Celebrates the END of the cold war between Russia and the US.

CO-OP RECORD COMPANY Each of twelve musicians contributes one song, pays for 1/12 of the cost of making a recording, and gets 1/12 of the recordings made.


DALLAS, ART CENTER TO THE WORLD Could this relatively new city in Texas, become the center of the art world? It's got the perfect southern US location, it's a city that is old and big enough to handle it; yet, new enough to be flexible to that future; and, Musea is here and working toward that goal!

DOT'S PLAYHOUSE Toy-filled Victorian Mansion, that's part playhouse, part museum, and open to ALL kids. Filled with lots of special rooms full of toys for girls and boys.

DRUG WARS America, buy all the cocaine and heroin crops directly from the farmers at their lowest price. Then you control the entire crop and reduce illegal drug traffic dramatically.


ENGLISH SPELLING REFORMS Simplified spelling system to resolve things like bow and bough.

ENOUGH ROPE INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUE. This is a technique of interviewing  that instead of challenging someone's opinion, you accept what they say as true and carry it too far the other way. Then he must either agree to the extreme position, or back track. It puts the person in a difficult spot by carrying his own words too far.

ENTERIC NERVOUS SYSTEM You have a head brain. But you also have a "gut" brain too! The ENS is the nervous system for the digestive tract.  Many people, and I am one, think the ENS holds the key for many major health advances. Let's find out!


FIVE ACT ILLUSTRATED SHORT STORIES Musical plays that though loosely based on rock operas, are more down to earth, AND more like short stories than novels.

FIVE DOLLAR FILM New filmmakers may not have enough money to make their full length film. But they can make a video, where the director summarizes the plot, reads some of the best dialogue, explains the scenes, shows the actors, suggests the sets and shots, etc. Then he can show his video to a producer to get financing.

FORMULA (For ending the Big 6, corporate art monopolies) These media giants can either make the art OR distribute it, OR review it; but they can't do all 3.

FOUR WORD LANGUAGE  Four concepts/phrases, that could, by themselves, communicate with most anyone - even landing aliens. The 4 are 1 Love and have -keep. 2 Love and don't have - but  want. 3 Hate and have - don't keep. 4 Hate and don't have - but don't want.

FOURTH AD IN A ROW  To protest excessive ads on TV, radio, and in magazines, never buy the fourth ad in a row. If enough protest, we can reduce the number of ads.


GOVERNMENT SPENDING CUTS/BONUSES  Here's a way to get rid of excess  government spending. Let government workers suggest cuts to their department budgets. Then give then 10% of the money they saved that year, as a bonus. A billion here, a billion there adds up!


HENDRICKS GUITAR STYLE  My method of playing a standard guitar that combines bass, rhythm, and lead all at once.

HENDRICKS 'MANOR’, my giant dream house  that's a mix of home, theater, office, art gallery, library, museum, hotel, cafe, and more.

HOUSEDALLAS.  Fashion house that makes and sells clothes and jewelry from a co-op of designers - all at reasonable prices.

HUM AND MOVE. Back to basics, dance technique where the dancer (or group of dancers) improvises a dance as they hum a tune.

HUMAN DECENCY PLEDGE.  Pledge for media outlets to sign. It states that whenever possible that media outlet will not show pictures of wounded and bleeding people, or pictures of people being killed, or the corpses of people at the scenes of violence or accidents, etc. No media outlet - local or national - has signed it.

HUNKASAURUS AND HIS PET DOG GUITAR, RECORDING PROJECT 150 Song Cycle, recording project, in the 'voice and guitar' , back to basics, music style. The music explores just about every way anyone can sing, and play a standard guitar. With Pam Irwin (audio engineer) Stay TUNED.


JOHN HENRY RADIO CHALLENGE. Corporate radio station chooses and plays any corporate music single. Then I'll play a local song and we'll let listeners decide which is better. Local DJ Russ Martin accepted the challenge.


LIFE DEFINITION Chemical system that uses energy to adjust to the environment through both constructive or anabolic, and deconstructive or catabolic processes. Catabolic and anabolic processes evolve but do not blend.

LIVE REQUEST AND DEDICATIONS I will play live, any song request or dedication, in my box office music concerts, from anyone to anyone anywhere.


MAIN STREET WALKWAY. Turn Main Street in Dallas into a pedestrian walkway from downtown Dallas through Deep Ellum to Fair Park. Then over the Trinity River to South Dallas. This would connect and revitalize all these areas and turn downtown into the largest most dynamic mall in the world.


MASS MARKETING OF PAINTINGS Sell, display, and send on tour, exact replicas of paintings - the last major art form to be mass marketed.

MODULAR COTTAGE  $30,000  tract houses with charm and style. Houses have become too expensive. We need new affordable housing.

MONEY QUOTE "Money is most important in societies that don't share."

MOON  A film script idea that celebrates all aspects of the Moon - a collage of everything related to the moon - science, art, myth, and more.

MUSEA'S GUIDE TO THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME (3 vol.) -  a year by year look at the best films, directors, and actors, - both classic and 'classic fun' - in all genres, including foreign films; from cinema's beginning in 1894 to 2000

MUSEA READING FUND Fund at Paperbacks Plus Books that allows free credit for anyone to buy books, recordings, etc. of classical works. Check it out!

MUSEA CLOUD  Website that for one annual fee allows anyone to access all Musea music, books, art, film, news etc. (and later other artists work too). This does away with price per book, recording, film, or newspaper; and allows a flat fee for all content. Also it is ad free. Each time a book, song, etc is clicked on, that artist receives a 'royalty' or part of the profits. It's much like an all arts net jukebox that only requires a one time fee.

MUSEAD. A vast, block long art center for all the arts: in the shape of an Ocean Liner - a Disneyland for the arts. (see also Plan B)

MUSE MURALS  Two wall sized portraits of the 9 mythical Muses.


NATIONAL HIRING DAY This is a day or week, that corporations are encouraged to hire new employees. They are called on to put patriotism first and help their country in

hard times. Those corporations that cannot hire, are asked to stop firing for that month.

NEA REFORM  This is a call for the government agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, to finance art centers, not art groups. Then allow communities to open their art centers to all artists local and national.

NEIGHBORHOOD COOKS  Idea of one cook in a neighborhood, making meals daily to sell to the block. Home cooked, take home, meals offered once or twice a day, would be better quality and more convenient food ,than food from fast food restaurants.

NEW PARADIGM The paradigm is shifting from conservative versus liberal to corporations versus democracy.

NO ADS NOVEMBER 15 - an annual protest against ads and commercialism. It calls for everyone to refuse to read any ads or watch any commercials on November 15.


ONE HUNDRED PATTERNS Most clothes fabrics have a small design that is repeated over the cloth. This is different. It's a series of 100 patterns that don't repeat. They can be used for a coat, dress, blanket, etc. Each pattern would spotlight symbols  or pix connected to one subject. Examples: types of dogs, classic toys, famous buildings, or elements of the periodic table.  These patterns would make clothes fun.

ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT To help resolve government debt:  cut all spending across the board one tenth of one percent, AND raise all taxes one tenth of one percent. That is a fair compromise to both parties.


PAPER DOLL DRESS  5 or 6 people are connected at the hands. They wear white clothes, gloves, and white makeup, and look like a line of life sized paper dolls.

PEOPLE POWER  Turn a water wheel sideways and you have a turnstile or revolving door. Hook it up to a generator and you have safe, clean, green, people power.

PENTALIUM OR WIKI-HISTORY World history/website of the last 5,000 years, written from the general to the specific. Starts with general summary of world history. Then repeats with more detail at each level until all local history is included too.

PLAN B ART CENTER Less grand art center than Musead (see above) with 3 sections: performance space, cafe, game room; store for clothes, books, gifts, and more; and a museum / library of culture and fun.

PLAYERS - A GAME OF TWELVES The object of this board game (played on a checker board) is to develop and mature during an unknown life span (number of moves) in any and all of 12 categories. Players do this by rolling dice and moving into new squares and new experiences. One player plays the role of a benevolent and all powerful Fate player.

POST OFFICE REFORMS Reduce almost all mailing fees, red tape, and complications to five categories:  postcards and  letters, thin business envelopes, thick business envelopes,  small packages, and large packages.

PSYCHOLOGY OF KEYS. Is each musical key so distinctive that one can tell from the key, what the music will be like before listening to it? This theory/essay suggests that may be true and gives the basic characteristics of each major and minor key: A-G#.


QUATROS A form of poetry that's even more concise than haiku. In a quatro a poet tells his message in 4 words or 4 short phrases. Often the poet compares the first two words of the poem with the second two. Ex: Diamond Sun/ Pearl Moon


REVIEW SERVICE  For a small processing fee every artist of every kind will get a tough fair review at either a professional or amateur level. No ads or sponsors.


SELECTION PRESSURE MODEL "The greater the selection pressure - directional or diversifying selection - the greater the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure, AND the lower the selection pressure - stabilizing selection - the lower the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure.  Which is a big way of saying nothing changes until it's forced to.

SHORT STORY FILMS A film that tells its story, not in 2 hours, but less than one. A short story length, film story, instead of a novel length, film story.

SNAKE OIL CONCEPTUAL ART EVENT Video and art piece that uses conceptual art to oppose the abuses of conceptual art and modern art.

SPACE CAROUSEL  Giant space themed Merry-Go-Round. Ceiling, walls, and floor are a single mural of outer space with twinkling stars. Riders orbit around a central sun. Rides may include: a crescent moon boat, flying saucers, beeping satellites, a mini saturn with seats on the rings, squadrons of fighter rockets with ray guns, assorted Pegasi (flying winged horses), asteroids with craters as seats, a space station, maybe even an alien ship with a jail for captured earthlings.

STAND UPS  Any size art work can be displayed on a flat sheet that's then folded on both sides to allow it to stand up on it's own. This is a new way to display art on a table or shelf as a one of a kind art screen.

STORY DANCES. Acting out classic stories through dance moves. These dances combine music, storytelling, theater, film, and dance all into one.


TH or MONDO TOM. This is a script to a new type of film that is a sampler of all my work, (all the best chocolates):  a concert/musical, an art show, a book show, a documentary, a comedy/variety show, a show about Musea and the ideas here, etc.

TOMMY KNOT Method of tying a tie that does not tuck it in, in the last pass.

TOMMY SHORTS  This film series consists of 37+ comedic film shorts all about  Tommy, a one of a kind comic character.

TRIANGLE TOWN. A city plan for Dallas that connects Downtown Dallas with Fair Park (the Art Deco, State Fair, Grounds), and Rochester Park (the largest virgin park land in any major city) in a triangular section of land that becomes an inner city, car-free zone, and a model of fun urban living.

TRIANGLE TEXAS BULLET TRAIN. Train that goes non-stop from Dallas/Fort Worth, to Austin/San Antonio, to Houston, and back up to DFW, about 2 hours each way. Perhaps make it  one way, with a 6-8 hour journey to see all 3 in one day.

TUGBOAT Live kids weekday TV show. The kids and adults, put on plays, have concerts, display art, present speakers, and more. Through the art projects, the kids learn all kinds of related ideas in all fields, and have a lot of fun too.

TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY NM Scientists are using radio waves at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, to try and monitor for alien communications. I suggest 260 nm where there is a peak of UV absorption of DNA.


ULA or UNDERGROUND LITERARY ALLIANCE Advocacy group for indie writers.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT AND ITS ROLE IN THE ORIGIN OF LIFE (Science essay).This 1 page scientific paper suggests that UV may have played and instrumental part in the origin of life. Posted in early 2006 on David Darling Astrobiological website.


WIKI-COLLGE  Free  online college courses for everyone in the world. Those wanting course credit, pay a fee to take a final exam from the professor who taught the course.


ZINE HALL OF FAME:  This celebrates the best independent publications.

Z - PUZZLE It's 9 lines of z's - but what does it mean? Can you solve it? Prize involved.  Here's the first line for example.









Footnotes: * The 5 Big Ideas are:


1. The Revolution in the Arts

2. The Hendricks Health Theory

3. Community Bank Accounts

4. Educational Reforms

5. No Ad Newspaper




Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219






AACA Member #1

Musea #184 May/June/July


(c) Tom Hendricks 2012

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