Musea Warehouse

Musea Warehouse

Musea is the monthly magazine that started the Art Revolution. "Art news and reviews for those who oppose the status quo." (more info: First issue free; $6.00 for six months, $10 for one year. Eight pages.)

Here is a listing of good things from the Musea Warehouse:

Books: (in order of importance; get sizes)

The Art Revolutionary's Handbook (second printing)
A 30-page booklet that outlines a complete revolution in every aspect of the arts. Factsheet Five calls it "A modern day arts manifesto." $7.

Portraits (second printing)
A novel about art, artists, and the arts revolution. Meet the mysterious secret admirer, Missy. Illustrated, 134 pages $17

Moon Tea
Anthology of children's poems and stories, with high-quality fun for kids and adults. If you like Mother Goose, you'll love Moon Tea. Illustrated, 64 pages. $10

Here's a first: A Sci-Fi poem novel in verse! The Crayonettes are invading the solar system, but why? Commander Mike Mars must stop them and find out. You'll never guess the ending. 30 pages. $5

All About Nothing (currently sold out)
A collection of 20 essays, first published in Musea by Gregory K. Bryant, a philosopher with an impressionistic approach. Illustrated, 46 pages. $7

Rating the 60's Concerts
Musea's resident hippie, Woody Stock, tells all about the sixties greats he saw in concert: Chuck Berry, The Doors, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and more. 12 pages. $3

The Best of Musea: The First Fifty Issues
We scoured the first 50 issues of Musea to bring you the very best in art, fiction, photos, essays, poems, contests, and lots more about the Art Revolution. Only the best from our staff and hundreds of contributors. Illustrated, 150 pages. $??

The Philosopher
A fable about a mule that stops chasing a carrot and starts philosophizing. By Musea columnist Gregory H. K. Bryant. 20 pages. $4

Medvsa: The First Greek Play in 2,000 Years
The gods of Olympus are feuding and the poor mortals will suffer. This drama/romance is in verse. 16 pages. $4


Tom's Favorites from 12 by 12 (1986-91)
Eleven songs from 11 artists. Great melodies, solid lyrics and all types of music. Cassette $7

Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar
What does Hunk sing? Rockabilly? Soul? Rock and Roll? He does it all with a six-string standard guitar that refuses to learn new tricks! Instead, Pet Dog plays bass, lead and rhythm all at once. You've never heard anyone like this cosmic man and his guitar. Cassette, four songs. $3.75


Zine Hall of Fame
A single sheet listing the winners of Musea's "Zine Hall of Fame" awards. This is some of the very best of zinedom. $1

Artists Against Corporate Art Tshirts
The rust-red ACCA logo, smack dab on the front, on a light gray shirt. Show the world you're an indie art supporter. Specify large or extra large size. (info about ACCA; logo) $12

Artists Against Corporate Art Stickers
Also available: "No Bands: the tool of corporate rock" and "No Rock: It's become everything it started out opposing" One each free for the asking

Musea is known for its unique letter envelopes made from glossy magazine photos. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece of art; there's never a duplicate. For a free small one (to see what they're like) just ask. $3 for a set of five in varied sizes. Art bookmarks
Musea's one-of-a-kind laminated book marks are $1 each. Musea Gift Certificates
Give a friend or loved one the gift of the Arts Revolution. Gift certificates are available in $5, $10 or $20 amounts. If you want, we can even send the certificate to your friend or loved one.

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