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WRITINGS IN SCIENCE - The history of the future [2nd of two parts]



Dear Reader, 'Writings in Science' is my sci-fi novel in progress. The premise is this:

Millions of years from now the Earth is dying and in the rush to flee the planet, one man collects his favorite 'writings in science' to preserve Earth's legacy. For us the reader, he has assembled a 'history of the future'.

Last issue, #187, was part one. This is part two. In it I will preview and summarize some of those 'Writings in Science.Note: These listings are summaries of larger articles and features in the finished novel. They are not in chronological order.


"Imagine, like I did, a time in the future/ close to the end of a dying sun/ when we are now preparing to leave/ this our home for other worlds./ What will we take when we leave? - signed "I"



1. Law of Future Telling, Quote: "How can those who are unconscious predict the emergence of consciousness" - translation:the future will hold surprises.

2. Protein building is easy once it's discovered that folding was based on temperature.

3. Breast Milk is found to be as close to a magic elixir as anything human made.

4. Shift from human intervention progress, to following billions of years of life and natural selection. Humans shift to bio-mimicry.

5. Gismo. Gun shaped device can locate any human bones or remains. Expands archeology discoveries by thousands.

6. Steroids are made safe and cheap. All people are muscular and fit.

7. Thalidomide derivative, is found to have a component that makes babies beautiful. The trick is to separate it from the drug's horrendous side effects. Once done all people are beautiful due to even facial symmetry.

8. There is a floating fleet of robot mini boats that roam each of the oceans and larger lakes. They take in water, remove garbage and waste, return clean water and move on. The waste is recycled.

9. Computer programming shifts to 'as needed' form. The only options available are those as needed. Clutter is removed, computing is ultra simple for the user.

10. A bio test is devised that determines consciousness, and level of consciousness. It is used on all animals. On humans it helps determine brain activity of the unconscious.

11. G.L.O.P. or Grand Lacquer Omni Paste, is a building material that is a goo that can be put in any mold and hardens stronger than any steel blend. Used to construct any building including those built under the sea. Will take any color when mixed. Organic shaped buildings challenge the rectangular buildings of the past.

12. PI is found to repeat itself a couple of billion digits in. That means that there is a limited set of numbers that repeats itself endlessly. One person memorizes the set.

13. Gene mutants, though more and more rare, lead to major new discoveries.

14. Light as particle or wave? Finally its figured out and the explanation for the duality leads to massive breakthroughs in physics.

15. Avocado = Potato + Egg. Designer plants can make fruit, vegetables, or leaves, that have virtually any smell, taste, and texture we like. [Side note, assorted flowers of all kinds and colors now can be grown on the same stem cell plant]

16. Photosynthesis percentage develops from 1% to 50%, then 73%, 86% and ultimately the maximum allowed at 91%.

17. Human health is treated as a reflection of a bio phase. The main first ones are: birth, breast feeding, weaning, puberty, woman giving birth, etc. Ends chronic diseases up to 200 years of age. Then new treatments beyond bio phases, are used.

18. No trees are cut down. Needed wood comes from recycled fallen trees, plus a permanent new wood product that looks the same as bio wood.

19. Science shifts from single detail explains big picture, to a fuzzy over all picture, that connects up a discovery with all life.

20. The highly revered major science leaders have earned the title of 'Griot" from the African term for traveling storytellers. They mix science teaching with philosophy, religion, and the arts. The era of dividing life into glass compartments is over.

21. Weather on Earth is controlled. Major storms become minor, ocean currents are planned and plotted, volcano eruptions are predicted, heating and cooling of the entire planet remains within narrow margins.

22. Inspired by Tycho Brahe's Uraniborg, the observatory, lab, and castle he built on the island of Hven, the planet now has Science Island, or Scile ( Sci-isle). Actually there are 4 such science retreats Sci-1, 2, 3, and 4. They are set up across the globe for science study and experiments.

23. Science that once depended on pragmatic results, now has free reign. Experimenters may go in any direction for any reason. Because of the new investigative freedom, thousands of discoveries are made quickly, with hundreds of them leading to major serendipitous breakthroughs.

24. Catalogue of Earth assembled. It is a book of all living things on the planet.

25. DNA Analyzer. This device takes any sample tissue and gives a readout of the DNA in it. [See Cube]

26. Memories can be bottled and stored. A specific green glass alloy can hold a single person's memories. Libraries of these bottles are built and are open for family members, and some research, depending on privacy concerns.

27. Certain new mind training in early childhood years, during the narrow window of opportunity for learning language, allows a child to recall two memories at once.

28. Brain memory clicker. Small box has an antenna. When the antenna touches on any place on the head covering the top brain, it replays any memories in that location of the brain. That includes any audio or visual information - even any scent. Soon it is found that though some memories are regionalized, many have multiply memory locations and most surprisingly some of these are found throughout the body!

29. E Sponge Apparatus. Energy sponge collects almost 91% of the heat from all exothermic chemical reactions.

30. A 5th letter is introduced into DNA. A new base, "P" now allows organic beings to slightly expand their potential. At first it is mostly used for protein building.

31. New Law of Thermodynamics in its most primitive form states heat causes things to separate, cold causes them to clump together. Gravity = cold. Big Bang now Big Rebound.

32. GUT theory found, but there are strings attached.

33. System is set up that describes any matter so well, that it is a recipe that can recreate it. There is nothing now in existence that is outside the system.

34. The Cube. Small black box is empty inside. Anything put in it produces a read out of what it's made of on many assorted levels, Ingredients, chemicals, DNA etc. When 'empty' it reads the contents of the air that it contains.



1. WORLD PARTIES. Every quarter on the four equinoxes there is a world party. Often they have a nature theme (spring, summer, winter, fall).

2. Everything precious now has a locator tag: all children, seniors, or handicapped, and all things valuable. Small dot from 'pencil', marks the spot.

3. Bureaucracy ended by new technique by ... oops! lost the paper on it ...

4. Educational reforms switch the emphasis from teacher lectures students (like middle ages), to student learns, with teacher as catalyst. Both hemispheres of the brain are now involved which means drawing and other visual skills are as important as language skills. Wiki-college is free online college courses for all.

5. Thousands of new fruits, vegetables and meats (spiders, bugs, and even fungi) are added to human diets.Types of cheeses expand too. Goat Cheese is very popular.

6. Greying of world, though no one has grey hair unless they want it.

7. People, who are now protected from harm in nature, love everything about nature: birds, animals, plants, fungi, one cell creatures, bacteria, the works.

8. Humans sense of smell becomes almost as important as sight. It amplifies all aspects of sex.

9. No violence against women because puberty trauma is resolved. This and safe contraception for both sexes, reduces most sexual trauma and leads to Sex Halls, meeting places for sex that are open to all adults.

10. Two monumental screening guns are devised. The Vio-Gun, detects violent behavior. Gradually male violent behavior dissipates as inner conflicts about childhood are resolved. Till they are gone, the gun is used to safeguard and screen gathering places. The Truth Ray Gun detects when someone is lying.

11. Penalty for destroying ANYTHING 200 years old or older.

12. Zen of Objects. Old is revered and 99% of everything is not new.

13. Most items made are made so well they won't deteriorate. But this means nothing made will ever have an old patina. They will always look new. Though methods are made to make furniture or clothes look old, it's not successful. This makes really old objects that have an authentic patina, all the more valuable.

14. Collectors, are a major occupation. Great collections of specific items arise. Some collectors cover a wide range, paintings; others very narrow, buttons from "XYZ" decade. Personal collection museums are a must-see for vacationers.

15. All races are so blended that anyone that stands out is revered as very special.

16. Sleep Clock. It's soothing sound-rays, puts you to sleep within minutes, and gently wakes you up hours later, on the minute you set it for. Set for naps or full night sleep.

17. Rural Medicine emergencies. Most trauma is cured on the spot. Bigger emergencies that require a hospital, start on the spot with a shot of a suspension ray that puts the patient in unconscious suspension until he can be taken to the hospital.

18. EVERYTHING is recycled.

19. CBA's, community bank accounts, from an early era, end poverty. With population going down, everything made indestructible, and everything else recycled, no one needs or wants anything. The psychology of having, not only enough, but virtually all you want, changes everyone's priorities. For example, no charities anymore. Everything is quid pro quo, because everyone is valued for who they are and what they can do.

20. Government is lackadaisical at best. It's run by volunteers on a rotating basis. Overall there are mostly loose city-state governments, with cities limited to workable sizes. OR in the case of small populations over large land areas with only small towns, there are rural land federations with a regional center government.

21. Children are rare so each birth is celebrated, and there is excessive interest from the community on every child. Children are reared not only by the parents, but also by everyone else!

22. Long lives, and limited work, give time for everyone to engage in hobbies and light activities. Trivial things and minute passions become life's work. There are great debates and debate clubs that argue minutiae.

23.>Fear of others fades away. Everyone becomes nosey, curious, and involved in other's lives. Gossip is a major pastime.

24. Now that there is a lot of time, there are a lot of parties, and much time is put into preparation for the bigger festivals, birthday parties, grand openings, and holidays. A current catch phrase is "We can celebrate that".

25. Courts of Law are lite on seriousness and big crowd pleasers. Volunteer judges sign up to mediate mostly small neighborhood issues with rowdy juries cheering.

26. People can so regulate pain that they can choose the amount of pain or danger they want on an hourly, daily, yearly basis.

27. Even fun can be taxing. Many love to take 'silent' vacations with no speaking allowed.

28. Privacy issues shrink as fear of others drops to nil. Group issues increase over single person problems. People require less personal space in their homes, work, or public. With less crowd fear everywhere it is more crowded. This adds security.

29. No one starts a proper name with a vowel - makes that person too vulnerable.

30. Happiness virus does just that. Safe virus delivers happy hormones through human gut. Offbeat strategy for the virus's survival, but it works and thrives.

31. Wego - idea based on a we-ego or ego of the group.

32. Evolution slows down as life improves, and the conservative advances humans have already made, trump unneeded risks of future improvement. People become some what conservative and static.

33. Two opposite developments: more groups, but more personal freedom too.

34. First person lives through a complete revolution of Neptune. Later Pluto.

35. Clothes adjust to temperature changes.

36. Marriages have more options MF, MM, FF, 3 person, groups, etc.

37. Lives are at first extended by delaying puberty. Later by assorted other means. A second wind is found at the age of 120, then easy living for the next 100 years with a 2nd puberty phase around 250 years old!

38. Fuzzy ethics gain acceptance. They are those ethics that best fit time and place.

39. Manners, and social graces count, but they are also very loose.

40. English spelling reforms lead to other, non verbal types of Languages. 4 Word language to talk to any sentient alien, facial ticks language, and finally telepathy.

41. Telepathy begins between twins and family members in a type of mind melt. This shifts to the much more advanced telepathic language of cloud thinking or group thought. There is a great physical joy found in shared thought and it leads to a new type of pleasure.

42. Group think is often conservative but almost always is best for solving problems.

43. The world is often referred to as the World of Ghosts. Population is low, and history is vast, so bulk of everything - art achievements, science discoveries, historical leaders - was made by ghosts, long gone ancestors. Too much from then, too little from now to match.

44. History books record the gradual ending of all wars. First one day a year was proclaimed no war allowed by decree. Then 1 week, 1 month, 1 season, 1 year....

45. World's largest food market starts at the Brazilian Coast and runs up to Central A.

46. The world is loosely led by a philosopher king, though most government is in local city states. There is a major shift from Male Warrior type Leaders to Female type Group Conductor. Symbiotic behavior takes over.

47. Planets with the conditions that lead to life, go through a clear planetary cycle. No matter the planet, the cycle is consistent. It has discernible quick growth periods, dark ages, trauma points, and stasis, among other phases.

48. Mountain Religion develops. Religious leaders suggest a path up the 'Mountain". This often starts with the individual going through an awakening incident. The goal - reaching the 'Peak'. Time is divided between action and contemplation. There are 7 Main High Mountain Centers on different mountains across the world. These contain the devout "Monks, and their "Conduits', students that serve all with their training and knowledge. The Mountain Monasteries are open year round.

49. Different systems emerge as things evolve to new levels. Could dinosaurs have imagined us?

50. Life evolves to new levels of consciousness to match new levels of evolution. What begins with life without consciousness shifts to single life consciousness, small group consciousness, large group consciousness, cross species consciousness, and Gaia or planet consciousness... and then ....


IT TAKES DARKNESS TO SEE STARS.Tough Times Too - Blights, and Blizzards.

1. Chocolate blight kills off the crop for 17 years.

2. Ant Colony continues to grow. It takes over the California District before contained.

3. Robots save humanity. They discover a bottleneck in human genes and warn us in time to find a way out.

4. Bacterial plague forces humans to flee to Mars in the first all planet diaspora. Humans later invade Earth, and win back the planet, after a 10 year Bacteria war.

5. Eye color blindness affects 8 generations. Only a few are spared, through that era. They become the leaders of the 'blind' until a cure for the ailment is found.

6. Snowball Earth returns. The cold spell lasts a century till the atmosphere mix returns to normal and the planet's albedo is corrected.

7. Day of Storms. The Earth is racked by thunderstorms that race around the earth from east to west. It is the most storms of any day on record.

8. Diaspora of the Young. Too many old people set in their ways. Too many restrictions. Too much conservatism, and ancient history. A generation decides to venture out - out anywhere. A generation builds an ark to leave. The "Lost Generation sends back messages - 1, 2, 7 times, then no more. They are lost in space and never heard from again. Down the well of time.


TIMELINE - Though even 'time' changes meaning through time, OR I made a time machine. It's ahead of our times!

1. Infant era. Struggle to get to consciousness, then sentient being. The struggle called history.

2. Age of Technology. Humans turn to inventors.

3. Cyborgs and Robot Men. Symbiosis of Machines and Men.

4. Ant Island. Ants control a section of the planet / Robots prevent human "bottleneck".

5. Nurturers All Epoch. Single individuals progress to Group welfare

6. Bacteria War. Bacteria advances force humans to flee to Colony Mars. They re-invade earth and take it back.

7. Snowball Earth #2. Stasis trumps change. The planet hunkers down.

8. Diaspora of the Young. Generations of young, leave the planet for outer space.

9. The Awakening. Some aliens contact earth. Later others land. We awake.

10. Writings, no longer written. Knowledge is embedded not communicated.

11. Final End. Approaching - the end of planet Earth, and home.

12. Bridge to Heaven - In the distance...



WIS, is a sprawling anthology sci-fi novel. Many 'parts' have already been written and include:

1. Invaders : Fleeing aliens look to Earth to protect them.

2. Library Planet: Rich man buys the old planet federation library.

3. Rip Van Revolutionary: Rip awakes in a new type of bookstore.

4. Interrogation: Artist's work demands correction by State.

5. Kentucky Caves: Man flees State and has to leave family.

6. Moon Observatory: Telescope on the Moon - day in the life ofmen at work.

7. The Parroove: Trader bravesthe Swamp Planet.

8. Aliens Land including "Aliens" - First encounter, and aliens just want to see our bacteria. "Rogs Report" - Alien tries to make sense of Earth from 1 found magazine!

9. Confession: Child's story: Boy encounters aliens and finds them more strict than his teacher!

10. Engine Room on the Moon. See what makes the planet turn.

11. Solar System Museum, Guidebook to the Moon and many other sci-fi poems.

12. Some assorted sci-fi film scripts (Rocket), plays (Lemy Lime), recordings (Dancin'' Across the Moon), and related sci-fi artworks (Saturn in the Window).













Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219

AACA Member #1


Writings In Science Pt. 1


Musea #188 May/June/July

(c) Tom Hendricks 2013



Part one of WIS

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