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This issue of Musea is an adventure story for the kids.... but only brave kids because.... well you will be plenty scared - and NOT just from reading poetry!!!




I woke up sweating

and shivering too!

My library book

was overdue!


I know what you're thinking

'How could you forget?'

But hear the whole story.

There's more to it yet.


The day turned dark.

A storm was approaching.

I missed my school bus,

and was stuck with walking.


Everyone was gone,

even that bully, Bratty.

I was there alone

with a wind that was rattling.


The clouds got blacker.

The leaves were like bees

swirling in circles

and stinging my face.


I raised my hands

to protect my eyes;

but, through my fingers

I saw in the sky...


Something green....

a spinning plate!

My mouth fell open

and my books slipped away!


I got on my knees

to pick them up.

"Oh no a smudge

on my library book!"



What could I do?

It wasn't my fault.

I was going to clean it,

but then I saw ...


As slowly my eyeballs

raised off the ground,

up, up, and up,

to a loud whirring sound...


Hovering in the clouds

right on top of me

a flying saucer

as real as can be!!!


A portal opened up.

A ray came down.

It made me tingle.

I left the ground!


I felt all over

like my foot's asleep.

I entered the space ship....

Was I really awake?


Inside, little 'men'

no taller than me,

with big grey eyes

and all over green.


The ship had dials

every where I looked

and meters and switches;

and levers they pushed.


A radio played music.

Not MY cup of tea.

the melody was weird

and it had no beat!


They had skinny arms

but were oh so strong,

as they strapped me to a table

and all circled round.



The one on my right

with a higher hat

seemed to be in charge

of whatever was what.


He stared at me

then took a deep breath

as he wrung his hands

like a big insect.


"Time for the 'probing',

of this speci-'man' from earth."

He clapped his hands

and a box appeared.


He licked his lips

as he opened it up.

Inside were knives,

and picks, and such.


I gave out a SCREAM

as you would too!

He looked surprised.

They looked confused.


"What's a matter you?"

As he turned to face me.

"Don't you get food stuck

between your teeth?"


He chose a pick

and cleaned a molar.

"We only get one set.

So we baby our choppers."


"We get two,"

said I with pride.

"We only NEED one.

We get the first right."


'What a snippy alien',

I thought in my head.

But all of them gasped!

My thoughts were read!



Away went the toothpicks.

He wiped off drool.

"Now to the rest of it.

Earthling that's YOU."


He paced in front of me.

"Where do I begin?"

The others were anxious,

and crowded round him.


"I'll talk first,

then each in line...."

The rest of the crew

made a single file.


#1: "Your in trouble mister..."

#2: "No sweet talk for you..."

#3: "Your library book..."

All: "Is over due!"


#4: "What's that you say?..."

#5: "What, nothing at all?..."

#6: "Even a rule breaker....

#7: "Must now feel small!"


The lecture was over.

They stopped to watch me.

I had to say something.

I gave my pleas:


"It was late.

The book was mussed.

I forgot my money.

I missed my bus.


The library was closed.

My dog ate it up...

It's only a book.

so why all the fuss?"


GASP!!! went the aliens.

Gasp and guffaw!

One hushed the crew

and began sweet and low....



"I bet you like....

rockets and space.

Maybe want to travel

to our planet some day....


Right now we're camped

in a Martian tent.

We like how red rocks

bring out our green tan."


"How do you travel?"

"Anti gravity.

But that's neither here

nor there don't you see...


Ah space...

It's so... black and blue.

And once you zoom through it

you'll love it too!


Such a great adventure.

One no one can forget."

"I'd like to go...."

"Don't interrupt!


Planet X,

Ah what an orb."

He waxed with glee.

He seemed absorbed.


From stem to stern

a utopic treat!

There's museums, and zoos,



And scenic parks

that go on for miles

where flowers always bloom,

and people always smile.


We're very advanced.

Not backward like some. 

When you're stuck in spring,

our autumn has come!



Our buildings are taller.

Our sugar is sweeter.

And chocolate bars hang from

every tree there.


Air smells like cinnamon,,

or an orange or a peach.

The grass stands straighter.

The streets are clean.


Please come."

                          "I'd like to."

"You would? You CAN'T!

You'd check out our books

and not bring them back!


You'd need a passport."

"I'd get one."

                       "Oh please!

No one gets one

that's a known book thief!"


We're back to that,"

I mused with a sigh.

They may have nice roads

but one tracked minds!...


"I'll take the book back.

I'll pay the fine.

I'll do it tomorrow.

I'll make the time.


And I don't want to visit

or check out your books,

or smell your peach air,

or get a passport."


And I thought to myself,

'If my friend Tom was here,

he'd slap a bumper sticker

on the saucers rear -


"You'd better pass.

This ain't got no moxie!

What do you expect

from an Alien jalopy.'

They all were scowling.

They'd scanned my verse!

"Graffitti and pranks!

He's just getting worse!"


They shook their heads

which seemed to rattle.

Then threw up green hands

and gave up the battle.


"These alien children

are beyond our reach!"

"Can I go now?

Mother's calling me."


"Will you treat your books better?"

"I will, yes sirree!"

They gave back my book

that they'd carefully cleaned.


Then they held me over

the hatch in the floor

where a golden beam

made me tingle all o'er.


I slid round the ray

as if it was a pole.

Down and down further

till I hit solid ground.


And they sent me off

with their song of Earth:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow...

creeps petty Shakespeare..."


I watched an waved

and pointed to my book.

"I'll pay the fine tomorrow

when I wake up."


So now you see

why I woke up this way.

I'm going to the library.

There's a fine I must pay.



Editor's note in verse:


The book that was out

and overdue

is one that's written

by Chuang Tzu


It's about a kid dreaming

he's a butterfly

or is the bug dreaming

he's you or I?




Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219


Book for Kids - issue

AACA Member #1


Musea #185 Aug/Sep/Oct

(c) Tom Hendricks 2012



This just in.

Aliens have landed.

So says a boy

with overdue books


Musea #185 Aug/Sep/Oct (c) Tom Hendricks 2012  AACA Member #1








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