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(and if You want to link to us, our URL is:, Tom's music website

Tom s Wikipedia listing

Zine Guide The biggest zine out there

The Song Witch,a Houston area graphic artist/singer/songwriter

Ahh, The Empty Life.

Dallas Arts Revue features Dallas art, news, views, reviews, links,calendars, online exhibitions and community.

After Image Gallery, Dallas Texas, The first photo-only art gallery.

The International Movie Data Base

League of Revolutionaries for a New America The Music Revolution

The Inwood Theater Home Page

Blair Wilson's fabulous graphics page (in black and white - Musea's favorite colors!)

Glovebox (Zine Distro)

John Meer's comprehensive list of e-zines on the web including Musea

English Server, a college site with essays on just about everything. including Ben H. Bagdikian, art revolutionary who wrote about the media monopoly back in the 80's

The e-zine movement Zine Listings

Musea can now be found on a fantastic search engine for the arts.

And find us linked to InfoJump and listed in their top 10 zines.

Adbusters! (They hate ads as much as Musea does!)

The Readers Guide to the Underground Press (Formerly Zine World) This is the center of the Zine World now that Factsheet 5 is on hiatus. Check out the online version for latest ziney news, events, and zine links. (Musea's editor is also a reviewer for Re-Gup). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Blind Man's Rainbow THE place for the widest selection of zine poetry. Poets this is a must but query first!

Rich M's Discographynet. Rich Martens gives you all the info on all the recordings of your favorite bands. Very Cool.

Steve Holland. His site showcases his photography art and more. Also see his work in past Museas.

HPOO All the latest articles and rants by this clear observing Dallasite.

The Bob Norris Site Excerpts of Bob Norris' writings, plus reviews

ALT.ZINES Want to get in on the discussion of all things ziney? This is THE forum for zine discussion. (This link won't take you up to the door - once you get to the main page, select the discussion group called "alt zines.")

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