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The history of the future.� Part 1.� PART ROBOT, ALL HUMAN.


Dear Reader, 'Writings in Science is a sci-fi novel in progress. The premise is this:

Millions of years from now the Earth is dying and in the rush to flee the planet, 1 man

collects his favorite 'writings in science' to preserve Earth's legacy. For us the reader, he has assembled a 'history of the future'. This issue, and the next, will preview and summarize some of those 'Writings in Science.' Note: These listings are summaries of larger articles and features in the finished novel. They are not necessarily in chronological order.


"Imagine, like I did, a time in the future/ close to the end of a dying sun/ when we are now preparing to leave/ this our home for other worlds./ What will we take when we leave? - signed "I"



1. Pentalium - a wiki history site that starts with 5,000 years of human history.

2. Bone Detector invented. Sets off when passes over earth with bones underground. Archaeological discoveries mushroom 100 fold.

3. The earliest human art is found in the Nullarbor Cave system in SW Australia. The art includes native animals, birds, people, and a map of the sky with the moon and sun.

4. LIfe is found to begin as the most stable chemical reaction to the UV force from the sun. The resultant chemical system adapts to both day with the sun, and night without.

5. People shift from human solutions to the billion year old solutions found in nature. The earth shifts to a more natural biome, that better fits humans and the planet.

6. Dolphin Lit: dolphins have an oral history of the sea that for the first time, is translated to humans. We see their take on history that is longer than ours.

7. Telescopes see light from so far away that we see the first stars ignite. Further discoveries take it back all the way - and scientists 'see' the first radiation from the initial big bang.

8. Life is found in all the corners - bacteria colonies are found in the low atmosphere of the sky, miles under the ground, and under the sea. Lake Vostok, iced over lake in Antarctica, is found to have an entire sea biome that has been separated from the planet for a hundred thousand years.

9. Countries, instead of just safeguarding monuments, rebuild their ruins. The Parthenon and the Pyramids look brand new. Also all of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world are rebuilt, and kept in perfect condition from now on.

10. Ancient Zoos are set up. They "build" their animals, birds, etc. from ancient DNA. All major biomes from our past are recreated. The weird Precambrian animals are favorites. The smaller dinosaurs are next in popularity. Girls love the little horses!

11. Many occult sciences are found to have a lot of validity - specially astrology, numerology, and palmistry. Overall there is found a synchronicity among all things.





1. Flying cars - Finally!

2. Ocean Soccer.� Team games are played on the surface of lakes and the ocean.

3. Ballet in No "G".� Ballet and other 'ballroom' dancing is done in weightlessness . This brings a new dimension to dance (and acrobatics too).

4. Sun Challenge. Young men are competing to see how close they can rocket to our sun. Many loose otherwise guaranteed long lives for the thrill of this mountain to climb!

5. Two major races on Mars: The first is to climb to the peak of Olympus Mons ahead of competitors. The 2nd is a competition race, in any vehicle, through the entire Valles Marineris, the longest (and deepest) canyon in the solar system at 4,000 km.

6. Telegraph Poles: This all-ages, month-long, sport has one village challenging its neighbors. At the start, they don't even know the rules or object. That's part of the game. First town to figure it out and accomplish the goals required - wins.

7.� Bird Sled: Massive flying birds, pull a sky sled in this low atmosphere race around the world.

8. Jungle Jumping. Clothing is so safe it protects almost all falling bodies from harm. Young men and women test it with jumping from cliffs, over water falls, and from the top of jungle trees.



1. English spelling reforms make it an easy world language. Pen = pidgin English.

2. Art returns to their houses of origin. Countries get back� all their art. Copy technology is so good that, no one can tell the difference between original and copy. All classic art , paintings sculpture, etc.,is mass produced and available to all.

3. World radio-tv-film-news-net connects up everyone on the planet.

4. Shakespeare's play, "As You Like It" written in his own hand, is found locked in a musty attic of a Scottish Castle.

5. Virtual worlds allow anyone to experience any type of adventure or alien world.

6. The numbers of PI are turned into notes - Pi Keyboard Concerto. Also Whale Mating Songs are transferred to orchestra for the very popular classic, Whale Symphony.

7. "Players" a Game of Twelves, becomes a classic board game. Each player tries to make the most of what a throw of the dice brings, to realize a great full life.

8. Clothes made on demand. First pick the style. Select the details: buttons, collar, etc. Then fill in the measurements, and the piece is machine made in minutes.

9. Drums, like bells, send news,� messages, songs, and more to the community.

10. Computers write every chapter imaginable. Then the gibberish is taken out. Thus every book is written.

11. Fungi is found that has evolved to eat plastic. It endangers all art or information recording devises that are plastic based. Much is lost till a solution is found.

12. Monk Lit. Lost works are found in certain Middle East Mountain Monasteries. Also A below ground storage vault in Egypt is found to be part of the vast Library of Alexandria.� Between the two, new Greek Plays are found by the masters we know, plus more from unknowns; most of Sappho's poetry, early science documents, etc.

13. There develop Smell paintings, and Smell symphonies.

14. Invisible clothes don't catch on. There's nothing there to impress others with. The line is called "The Emperor's New Clothes".



1. Dallas leads an art revolution that initiates support for new arts, and a renewal of

preservation of all past arts.

2. Musead is built. It's a building that looks like a full sized ocean liner on the outside, but inside it's the world's largest art center. A ship in land locked Dallas, a built in koan!

3. Triangle train connects Dallas/Fort Worth, with Austin/San Antonio, and Houston/Gulf Coast. Ads say you can have breakfast in D/FW, lunch in S.A., dinner in Houston, and be back home in D/FW for a nightcap.

4. Main Street in Dallas, becomes a pedestrian mall. It connects up the neighborhoods of Fair Park, Deep Ellum, and Downtown.� Later it continues to Rochester Park, the largest inner city forest land, in one direction; and through a pedestrian bridge across the Trinity,� connects to Oak Cliff and South Dallas in the other. This one move initiates massive street development, weekly out door festivals, and becomes a major tourist attraction. The 2nd stories all along Deep Ellum, connect up into 20 or so cafe's and bars - a sky walkway, that looks down on the street traffic.

5. Dot's Playhouse, a large Texas Victorian house at Fair Park - is turned into a toy house open to all kids. It's the first of it's kind and catches on across the country.



1. Invention found that gets salt out of sea water. This gives enough water to all and opens up all shore lines to become cities.

2. CBA's or community bank accounts end poverty world wide without spending 1$.

3. Rural living is low. Humans confine themselves to mostly city-states. Nature returns to the rest of the world. Corridors through pristine earth connect up the cities. Those who choose rural life, are connected to all others through the net.

4. Where we live expands in every direction. Ocean cities, cities built on and below the seas and lakes, look like a row of islands. Dirigibles come back. Safe floating cities circle the earth, like sky ocean liners. There are two space elevators up to the two space stations in low orbit.� Some mountains look like ant farms, and contain cave cities. There are also underground cities scattered across the globe.

5. Housing adjusts. Communal housing is popular. Some larger homes hold 30-50 families that join together for meals and recreation. Cottages in all designs, can be dropped from the sky fully functional with energy, plumbing, foundation, all ready to go when it hits the ground. One, two, or three person cottages for singles, seniors, students etc, take on the look and charm of Gypsy wagons.

6. Within the city:� food trees and communal gardens flourish. Communal pets roam free, and houses are unlocked. Cars, bikes, etc. are shared. Roads come in colors.

7. Factories shrink. Mini manufacturing is simplified and cleaned up. Most manufacturing is upstairs or in basements where we live. Most farming is inter city too. Large Manufacturing is limited to 3 islands spread out on Earth and one on the Moon: Factory Row, Foundry Complex, Industrial Isle, and Moon Manufacturing.

8. Power sources include, people power (generators connected to revolving doors), volcano power, and desert power (from the great changing temperatures in the deserts.

9 A row of� deserts� line both sides of the equator. These are left as is, to better manipulate the planets weather - now mitigated to avoid dangerous major storms. All other deserts are reverted back to grasslands or forests.

10. Government is mostly on the city-state level. There are also some vast independent rural sectors. Otherwise the only government, is a loose world council of city states , and rural sectors,for a lite Earth government. It coordinates any 'all planet' actions.

11. Gems are cheaply manufactured allowing cars of gold and houses of diamonds.



1. Access to the net is so vital, that it is free - a right for everyone.

2. No one owns lands, though they keep their houses for as long as they wish. Lawns are maintained by the city. Most houses are separated by mini parks.

3. Food in / waste out and all aspects of the alimentary tract, is found to be the key to almost all health. Basic foods are more like compact medicine.� Eating, outside of health concerns is no longer for survival, but more for ceremony and social fun.� Most 'fun' food turns to water on digestion. Often a single neighbor cooks for the entire neighborhood. Their job is to provide 2 meals and a snack a day for all. Their kitchens are always busy and become Hearth Central.

4. Medicine is often replaced by devises that help release the bodies healing chemicals - that person's brain becomes the drugstore for needed enzymes, hormones, etc. Hospitals are small mobile clinics on wheels. When major injuries happen, the person is put into suspended animation until a mobil hospital gets there.

5. A shrinking population combined with everything lasting and lasting, and the ability to recreate anything exactly, means there is soooo much stuff! Lending libraries loan out everything you could want: furniture, tools, clothes, sports equipment, art, books, etc. Clothes never wear out. Antiques always look new. What's not saved is recycled.� Like in nature, there is no trash - ever.

6. Gamma Gun digs holes into anything. Acts like portable holes.

7. Crime is virtually nonexistent. A ray stops anyone by momentarily ending their ability to remember. Young men police, are replaced by old women with stun ray guns.

8. People STOP as much as GO. Reflecting as much as activating.



1. Data can be 'injected" into your mind either permanently or temporarily, through a harmless thought ray gun.

2. Plant genes in humans allow us to use sunlight for energy.

3. Computers have 3rd switch, 'fuzzy' - computing that goes beyond facts and figures.

4. Giant Earth Worms are bred that can recycle almost anything into usable compost.

5. Humans with cyborg arms can lift with 'ant' power - over 400 times their weight.

6. Kids get a dog gene, and are extremely loyal - but the gene is too controversial.

7. Kids get a cat gene, but there's the side effect of always climbing up high.

8. Computers/robots work for common good, but sometimes that trumps individual desires.� Complications arise.

9. Gaia is the all biome - all living things on earth are components of Gaia - living things are like leaves on a single tree.

10. Robots start like an untrained child. They learn by repetition of commands, and adapt to owners and their voices alone. They evolve to serve better.

11. The loose term "Glasses" now means amplified senses of all kinds. There are eye glasses that let us see, like through a microscope, or like through a telescope, or at all different wavelengths. There are glasses that amplify smells, hearing, touch, etc.

12. Robots save the human species by foreseeing a gene bottleneck trauma.� After the crisis is over there is a major shift - no longer natural selection to fit humans - that caused the problem - but natural selection for humans to fit the environment.

13. With the help of a collar box, chimps can now talk, and they LOVE it. Chatter, chatter, chatter.



1. All advertising is banned on the Moon. Musea editor leads the way.

2. Polynesian wave and star charts become highly prized art-science objects.

3. Chocolate mixed with jalapenos, becomes a favorite snack.

4. Perfume comes from digesting a pill and lasts all day.

5. Curious gene is found in children. But it deactivates in their late 20's.

6. Test to separate aliens from earthlings is a series of Roshak planet ink blots. To aliens, they all look alike, but earthlings can detect the one that looks like our Moon.

7. Children now have the option to have photographic memory, and/or perfect pitch.

8. There are so many Presidential libraries that they have grown to cover a small state. To save land, they are combined into President's Hall, a museum/library for all of them.

9. Chimps are found to have a word for Moon.

10. The new fingerprints, are each person's body bacteria. No two people are alike.

11. Ants have taken over the peninsula of California. Humans are unable to stop them.

12. Robot PETS are the favorite robots of all.

13. People can eat virtually anything in nature without danger.

14. Every large rock and tree over 100, has a name and is mapped and protected.

15. A mutant is born with the uncanny ability to point to the Moon at any time of day.

16. There is no difference between boy and girl bikes.

17. The US is still not on the metric system.



1. More light is reaching Earth each year, so our night sky is brighter with stars. There is one' Massive Light Year', when the night sky becomes 7% brighter.

2. Colonies of bacteria found in low atmosphere space.

3. Great diversity of planets, asteroids, comets, gases, etc. found in Kuiper Belt.

4. Rockets, before launch, undergo a bacteria ray gun sweep to sterilize.

5. The colonized Moon becomes the main storage unit for all knowledge and valuables from the Earth with no fear of volcanic activity, storms, etc. Moon S.D.B.

6. The main Space station looks like a giant jellyfish with a bulging, see through, organic, outer skin, and soft, pliable, arms/antennae/tentacles.

7. More moons of Earth found at the Lagrange points, like Jupiter's Trojans.

8. Mars and Venus colonized. Robot ships spread bacteria on both our neighbor planets, that 'survive, thrive and Earthetize.'

9. Major Mars Community begins in the Valles Marineris. The canyon walls make up 2 sides. Ceilings are clear to allow for sunlight beamed down from satellite mirrors. The great canyon, like a cocoon, mitigates temperature changes, dust storms, etc.

10. Known matter, stars and planets, are found to be the skin surrounding bubbles of empty space. The universe is empty bubbles with galaxy clusters on their skin.

11. Mars has a longer circadian rhythm by 39 minutes. It wrecks havoc on Earthlings.

12. Lack of sunlight proves a health barrier to space travel beyond the solar system.

13. Asteroid City-States pop up. Some combine for a larger world.

14. Any shaped ship can fly in space so spaceships are built like castles, ocean liners, giant trains, etc.

15. Beyond the solar system, pulsars act as lighthouses to guide the space traveller.

16. The Circus Rocket is coming to your space town!

17. First alien encounter is radio signals. Their message, sent over and over, is proselytizing for their religion!

18. Aliens land - we find out later - but their only interest was our bio diversity.

19. There is devised a telescope that can tell if a planet has life or not. It does this through analysis of the atmosphere, chemical composition; a DNA sweep, etc.

20. The Andromeda Galaxy continues to approach our Milky Way. It's light gradually takes up as much of the night sky as our Moon.

21. There is a diaspora of young people who want to leave conservative 'grey' Earth.

22. Gas radiates from galaxies and solar systems, and act as roads in.

23. Race to see how close people can fly to the sun. The fad to be first, kills many.

24. Space fuel comes from virtual particles that pop in and out of existence everywhere�

25. Four word language allows us to talk to aliens. 1. Good - want, 2. Bad - don't want. 3. Good - keep, 4. Bad - don't keep.

26. Ray guns are real but very lite plastic - they look phony and harmless.

27. Aliens that have conquered interplanetary travel, land. They won't tell how they do it, but glad to take anyone, or trade, or ship.

28. Older planet civilizations found closer to the center of the galaxy where there is more light, more cosmic rays, and more life planets.

29. Aliens with 2 hearts can't fathom rhythm and don't understand music with beat.

30. Space Travel looses it's charm. Most Spacemen are bored with outer space and want to come home to the diversity of scenery, temperature, and charm, of home Earth.

31. Birds evolve to migrate to the Moon.

32. The Earth heats up. Civilization becomes polarized. Life shifts to either the north or south pole where it is slightly cooler. There is great rivalry during the last days.

33. All info is sent from Earth to other habitable planets as Virus/zircon seeds.

34. There is discovered a Civilization Bell Curve, that every life planet goes through. It includes major stations of development, and even a long dark ages that is built in.



Here are some entries:

1. Ocean World (all sea). Land is boats. Currents are world wide.

2. Symbiotic Planet. Barren and cold planet now has only 2 surviving symbionts. A fungi and bacteria have, through their partnership, taken over the entire planet.

3. Library Planet. World of 'books' for the local planet federation.

4. Parroove. Swamp planet with 'humans living high in the massive trees.

5. Tomb World. Dusty no-life planet has easy-to-carve stone underneath the top layer. It is the graveyard for many notables from many other worlds.

6. Garden Planet. Tropical planet has more green plants than any other. And a zoo.

7. Flatlands. Planet is mostly one vast� prairie. Great herds migrate from pole to pole.

8. Storm World. Tilted at 90 degrees the equator goes from burning hot, to icy cold which fuels constant storms. Only the two poles are spared. They become outposts.

9. Truffle Planet. Desert planet has one truffle that is the most valuable thing known.

10. XYZ Planet began as a cold iceberg. A large asteroid hit it, shifted it's course, and brought it closer to it's sun. The ice on the surface melted and formed vast networks of underground caves. There the people take refuge from the now closer sun.

11. Musead. The arts planet: museums, shows, concerts, and other civilized pleasures.


... to be continued in WRITINGS IN SCIENCE, part two - stay tuned.










Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219

AACA Member #1


Writings In Science Pt. 1


Musea #187 Feb/Mar/Apr

(c) Tom Hendricks 2013


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