Issue #113

Musea is celebrating our 10th anniversary (September 92-02) with some multi issue fun:


(a Game of Twelves)

In this issue is the rulebook for a Musea boardgame called "Players: A Game of Twelves"

The object of the Game is for each player to develop and mature as much as possible in the life span fated to him, in each of 12 different categories representing all aspects of human experience. He does this through rolls of the dice. Each role is a new experience with numerous 'clues' that suggest what the experience is about. Clues include the age of the player, his past history, the intensity of the experience, whether the player has a good or bad experience, etc. The 'Fate' player takes all of the clues and devises a scenario to fit them and the player marks his score card accordingly. With each turn, that person becomes more fully developed and realized.

The final score is the score you have when fate says your life is over. No one player wins. Instead, the object for each to grow and develop as much as that person can.

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