Society often trumps up praise for originality. But in truth the real inner passion is for no change. Being one who praises originality in thinking, and has strived to suggest innovations over many years; I have found great resistance to ANY new ideas from almost ALL people. The person who considers new ideas is rare. The person, who seeks it out, is almost non-existent.

This issue is written for those rare few. It contains a collection of my major ideas over the last few decades. Some of them may prove to be groundbreaking. Some may prove to be unworkable. Some are just fun.See what you think. Then contact me with your thoughts.

Note the top ten or so most important ideas, in my opinion anyway, have stars by them. These are major ideas that I have developed over many years in Musea.



Through this zine Musea I have suggested many changes in the world of arts - more so than any other area. So we start with the biggest group of new ideas - art ideas.


1. The Art Revolution ***** Since the early nineties I've been promoting an art revolution in all the arts that supports the best of independent artists, while opposing the abuses of corporate art.Periodically I've summed up the major ideas of the art revolution. Early on one summation was the booklet, "Art Revolutionary's Handbook."Another summary, later on was the Musea issue #162, "Five Doors of the Art Revolution", followed by the six Youtube video series, "Five Doors of the Art Revolution."


2. The Review Service ***** No artist can build a career without reviews. This no-ad service would guarantee every artist of every kind, a fair tough review for a small processing fee. Reviews would be open to all, not just a monied few. See assorted articles in Musea.


3. Art Centers ***** Musea has spent many issues on the idea of an all arts, art center.

I have two versions. The "B" plan would be easy to set up. The "A" plan would be the size of a theme park (See MUSEAD). To test these ideas on a small scale, I and friends set up the first ART REVOLUTIONARY FESTIVAL, a 1993 daylong festival open to all arts with a stage for music, actors, dancers, video artists, and poetry readings; an exhibit of paintings and sculptures, and a display of zines. Fellow organizer Tim Wood went on to host two more of these in "94. This was incredibly fun and exciting. Along these lines I have suggested the NEA, National Endowment for the Arts, shift their budgets away from grants to individual groups, and use the money to set up NEIGHBORHOOD ART CENTERS open to all local and national artists of every kind.


Other Ideas:AACA Logo, Artists Against Corporate Art Logo, designed by Kevin E. White, was a symbol that any indie artist could add to their work to support the art revolution. I also made AACA t-shirts (very rare now), and AACA stickers. I've also suggested that Dallas would make a good world center for the arts, and that we have an ART OLYMPICS, like the sports Olympics, but for arts (as the Greeks did).

Now on to the new ideas in specific arts:



4. Post-Bands Music ***** I've proposed a new music that opposes what rock and contemporary music have become. It advocates a more basic and more innovative music that recreates the fun of the early days. Some of the new ideas connected with this are: THE BIG LIST *****, first all world best music list made possible by the internet (and connected with that, the NPR vs. the Big List Challenge). FIRST BOX OFFICE CONCERTS at the Inwood Theater, Dallas. And FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE WEEKLY REQUEST AND DEDICATION SERVICE. Personally, as Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, I've recorded a 5 CD 'outside the box" set, part of an ongoing 150 guitar and voice, multi CD, recording project, with engineer Pam Irwin. My NEW STYLE OF GUITAR PLAYING, recreates on one guitar; base, lead, and rhythm guitar, parts. Also I created 12 BY 12, perhaps the first co-op record company (6 CD's with 59 musicians/groups + the final recording, Tom's [11] Favorites from 12 By 12). Also as a composer of almost 1,500 compositions, I've invented a new type of BAGATELLE piano piece, and ILLUSTRATED SHORT STORIES (see later). Also note the essay, "PSYCHOLOGY OF KEYS", that suggests each musical key suggests certain specific emotions, or moods.


5. Post-Modern Art *****I've proposed a new art that opposes the abuses of modern art, the gallery system, and Ivory Tower art museums. Connected to that are, MASS MARKETING OF EXACT REPRODUCTIONS OF PAINTINGS. Sell copies of paintings, like recordings, videos, or books. OR send the copies on tour. Copies can go anywhere safely.I've suggested two conceptual art events to END the abuses of conceptual art and what modern art has become. END OF MODERN ART CONCEPTUAL ART EVENT OF 1.8.02 and SNAKE OIL CONCEPTUAL ART PROTEST, AND VIDEO OF 5.28.08. Personally I have made over 4,500 art works with some new types of art: STAND UPS, paintings that stand up like statues; ART ENVELOPES; 4-SIDED CARD COLLAGES; and ONE OF A KIND BOOKMARKS.


6. Zines and the Revolution in Writing/Publishing ***** Zines, from the mid 80's on, were a revolution in publishing, made possible by desktop computers. My zine MUSEA began in 1992. It was far from the first zine made, but I was there for the flowering of zines, introduced many fine zine writers as columnists, and added some innovations.I was also part of these early zine groups ZINE WORLD (main zine review zine), and the ULA, Underground Literary Alliance, a writers advocacy group. I also began the ZINE HALL OF FAME in 1996, to celebrate many of the best zines (see zinewiki). In Personal writing, I've started these new ideas:MUSEA PUBLISHING with assorted chapbooks, and recordings including the "SAYINGS OF EDITOR ART", (also note all the new words coined by Musea), andThe MUSEA READING FUND, free credit for all readers at Paperbacks Plus Book Store, to help buy any classic book, recording, etc. (as of this writing the fund is over $1,350). Also I've invented new poem forms including QUATRO (4 word or phrase poem), VISION POEMS, and POEM VIDEOS (like music videos but featuring poems).


Other Ideas. Here are some of the main new ideas from other art forms.

Movies: Musea articles suggested these two ideas:"MAKE A MOVIE FOR $5", and "GUERILLA THEATER NETWORK", idea of setting up a series of underground theaters across the country to play the best of indie films.Personally, I've worked at the magnificent INWOOD THEATER, in Dallas, where I play the world's only Box Office Concerts (see music). I've also written Museaís (year by year) GUIDE TO THE MOVIES, the best films from the start, up to 2000.I've also written 70 PLUS FILM SCRIPTS in various forms of completion; including a new type of movie I call a 'sampler' movie. It has 3 working titles, "TH", 'MONDO TOM', and 'HOME MOVIES'. ***** The other scripts include script ideas for numerous shorts for the comic movie character, "TOMMY" *****. Also there are over 60 YOUTUBE VIDEOS on all phases of the arts.


TV: Through 3 issues of Musea I have programmed 3 FULL FALL SEASONS ***** of TV shows for an imaginary network. See outlines of 50 plus new TV shows, many in refreshingly new forms and styles. TV need not be in a rut!Architecture.Time for a new more integrated and fun architectural movement. Some of the main new building designs include MUSEAD *****, the Dallas Art Complex shaped like an Ocean Liner! (See also Tugboat the little ship for kids). DREAM HOUSE. ***** My dream house is part home, office, museum, concert hall, art gallery, hotel, library, chapel, workshop, cafe, meeting hall, and more. "BOOK ROCKET", a Bell Tower, and other buildings including "THE GARDEN", a planned multi acre garden of specialty buildings, plants and rock formations, sculptures, and parks.†† Fashion. "HOUSEDALLAS" is my idea for a clothing design house. I've also designed many new fashions, including the "TOMMY KNOT" (see video), "FASHION ART EXHIBITS" to show new designers clothes through their drawings, the idea of "NO REPEAT PRINTS", and the concept of "THE AMERICAN UNIFORM", blue jeans, white t-shirt, and sneakers; etc. Internet:The internet will hopefully allow many of my ideas to come to fruition. In the meantime note these new ideas. Musea' FIRST GUIDE TO THE INTERNET and the INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS. Personally I love the net, and with help from webmaster Matthew Creed, have the following sites: a zine site, MUSEA.US, the music site HUNKASUAURUS.COM, the blog site, MUSEA.WORDPRESS.COM that features the WEEKLY E-MAIL CLUB MESSAGES, on all things connected to the arts; WEEKLY ART CONTESTS, art quizzes for the advanced; and finally there is a WIKIPEDIA ENTRY on all my main projects.



5. EDUCATION Changes *****There are many new and innovative ideas in this field. Most are in a long Musea issue "ESSAY ON EDUCATION" After hundreds of years of the age old teacher-lecturing-students system, I suggest new ways to learn more and learn faster. Plus: ENGLISH REFORMS. Musea suggested a first steps in revising English spelling confusion. PENTALIUM. A world history of the last 5,000 years of civilization that tells history in layers. First an overall view, next a more specific summary, etc., down to histories of neighborhoods and families. HISTORY WIKI.This would be an all world history on the web open to all to add entries like the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. COGITOLOGY. This Musea chapbook by G.K.H. Bryant and myself, suggests many new ways of thinking. FREE ACCESS, INTERNET COLLEGE. Free and/or low cost college on the net. Gather videos and video series, from those professors who want to share their courses with others and offer them to all. LIBRARY REFORM.Extend what libraries can be to not only books on bookshelves, but museums, art galleries, culture centers, etc. all mixed into one. DRAWING EDUCATION. Though not my idea, it's a good one that deserves my support. We learn to read and write, that stresses one hemisphere of our brains. But we don't learn drawing, a major aspect of the other hemisphere of our brain. Teach to both sides of the brain. Give full educations, not half. Everyone should know how to draw.



6. MEDIA - NO AD NEWSPAPER *****Time to get back to hard news newspapers, and get rid of ad driven pressure to tone down the news to fluff, gore reports, and press release journalism. See the two Musea issues on this for specifics. Other ideas include. HUMAN DECENCY PLEDGE. Musea is the only media source to sign this. It says "As a member of the media, we pledge that we will strive for reporting that takes into account basic human decency. We will, whenever possible, not show pictures and/or footage of wounded and bleeding people, pictures and/or footage of people being murdered, or killed in accidents, pictures and/or footage of the corpses of people at the scene of violence or accident, pictures and/or footage of men, women or children crying due to the injury or death of others. ENOUGH ROPE INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUE, a way to get more than rote answers in interviews.



GOVERNMENT REFORM IdeasHere's a two parter. First some new ideas for the city of Dallas, then some suggestions for the federal government.

City Government and City Planning. MAIN STREET AS PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY *****. My biggest idea is one that would turn Main Street, which starts in downtown and runs through Deep Ellum to Fair Park, into a pedestrian walkway. No cars. This would help rejuvenate 5 neighborhoods:Downtown, Deep Ellum, and Fair Park right away. Then carry the road across the Trinity and extend it into South Dallas, and later along the Trinity to the vast intercity, Trinity Forest. Overnight we would have a unique city center. Other ideas include, NO CAR ZONES, city areas that don't allow car traffic, for those who prefer non car city living; which is cleaner, safer, and more livable.NEIGHBORHOOD BUSES. Buses that circle neighborhoods instead of all going downtown. GARAGE SALE, MARKET, a farmer's market type building complex for all weekend sellers. FREE PARKING DOWNTOWN AND FREE BUSES. Reduce traffic, congestion, and pollution. CITY HALL HELPERS. City employees meet you at the door, and walk you through whatever problem you have till you are finished. ONE PAGE BIZ START UP SHEET. Simple way for new businesses to start. LIBRARY DONATION BOX. Set up box outside each branch for anyone to donate their old books, magazines, recordings. One for fun, THE DALLAS LONGHORN HERD. During most of the year, the Trinity River bottom, which runs past downtown, is grassland with a creek in the middle of it.Why not use that to house a city herd of Longhorn cattle?†† IF they could be safe there, it would make a unique tourist attraction that no other city has.

Federal Government Ideas.Ways to rein in Bureaucracy may be the greatest inventions of this century! Here are ideas that might help. DEVISE A WAY TO FIRE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. WITH UNIVERSAL INTERNET ACCESS, ALLOW CITIZENS TO VOTE ON BILLS IN CONGRESS. DEVISE A COST CUTTING PROGRAM FOR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. Set up a process for government employees to suggest ways to reduce costs, for a percentage of the savings.Getting one tenth of one percent of a couple billion dollars adds up! SET UP A NATIONAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Make a law that 10-100 billion goes into the savings account each year. The money can't be spent, and the interest can't be spent for 10 years. NEA ART CENTERS. Shift funds from specific art groups to regional art centers. JUST FOUR POSTAGE RATES. Post office reduce almost all postage rates to 4. One price for each of these groups: post cards and letters, envelopes and circulars, small packages, and large packages. Then we would need Post Offices only for those packages outside those categories. TAX AND SPEND SOLUTION. Pass a bill reducing BOTH all taxes across the board, and all spending across the board, one tenth of one percent.Perhaps all could agree to this modest change.



PROTESTS. My art and media revolution has its share of protests. Here are some of the major ones.NO-AD NET OF WEBSITES *****. For one yearly fee, visitors can visit and download music, see films, watch TV, listen to radio, read newspapers, take lessons, and surf, ad free websites. Clicks determine how much of the profit each site gets. AACA LOGO (see above). NPR 200 SONG MUSIC CHALLENGE. So far no response. JOHN HENRY RADIO CHALLENGE (ask radio personality, Russ Martin on this one). FREEDOM OF SPEECH HALL. Places open to all to congregate, and speak out. May put it in the city art centers. FOURTH AD IN A ROW, PROTEST. Never buy the fourth ad in a row on TV, radio, etc. This will force the media to limit ad runs to three commercials in a row. SURVEILLANCE CAMERA SAFEGUARDS. Make all public placed surveillance cameras open to all citizens to see. Everyone should have the right to see what the police are watching on public security cameras. THE SHIFTING PARADIGM. More and more it's not liberal versus conservative. It's Big Business versus Democracy. NOT ALL THREE - MONOPOLY. Corporate art conglomerates can control making art, reviewing art, or distributing art; but not all three! CORPORATE PATRIOTISM. This is a call for corporate responsibility beyond greed for stockholders. Hard times require Patriotism over profits from Big Business.



BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. Sometimes I think up great ideas, and then find them thought up by others before me, or already done before the ink dried on my paper. Here are some in that category.THE BOX. In the Musea issue on the net, I predicted a briefcase size box that would combine all our electro gizmos into one: A TV, computer, phone, radio, music player, newspaper, etc. Then later it could be miniaturized into something the size of a pair of glasses with the lenses showing the visuals and earphones in the stems. That must have been on many drawing boards because we can see most of that in the more advanced cell phones. FIVE ACT ILLUSTRATED SHORT STORIES, or as most know them, rock operas. In the late 60's I was inspired by the Beatle's concept album, Sgt. Peppers, to run songs together to tell a story. I was well on the way to finishing my first Illustrated Short Story, a 5 act play set to music, when the Who came out with "Tommy". And even they weren't the first! I remember reading about it in Billboard magazine and being so disappointed that they got there before me! But I have been able to develop the form in over 8 finished musical works.†† Writing sci-fi is fun if you add a lot of futuristic ideas. One I thought was pretty advanced was to have TELESCOPES THAT TOLD YOU WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING AT, whether it was constellations, planets, galaxies, etc. Pick up any astronomy magazine, and you can see such systems for sale! Oh well, the future can be unpredictable too!



BIOLOGY.These are some ideas for those who love science.

7. Hendricks Health Theory ***** This hypothesis suggests that catabolic and anabolic biochemical processes have, through variations also evolved into many separate 'deconstructive' and 'constructive' processes. And that these have often remained relatively separate. Here are some more ideas; WHY WE SLEEP. Sleep is half of a daily digestion cycle. We eat and break down food during the day. Then use that energy to replenish and build the body at night. VIOLENCE AS YOUNG MALE PROBLEM. Humans are not violent, MALE humans, mostly when young, are violent. OVERWEIGHT AND UNDERWEIGHT PROBLEMS. Overweight = unresolved anger problems, underweight = unresolved fear problems.TWO NEW TERMS, DECONSTRUCTIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE: Deconstructive is all evolved forms of catabolic chemistry, and Constructive is all evolved forms of anabolic chemistry.MOTOR OF EVOLUTION. Mutations on deconstructive processes may put pressure on constructive processes to match and vice versa. Thus there is a sort of motor of evolution that gives us two improvements for every good mutation. ORIGIN OF FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Suggestion that smiles evolved from eating good food, frowns from spitting out bad or blocking out bad food.HOLDING THE BABY. When humans could walk upright it allowed women to hold, cradle, and soothe the baby. This improved mother-child bonding may not only have helped developed language but may have been key in increasing human intelligence. DANGER OF EVOLVING TO FIT HUMANS. There is real danger for humans and all living things, if we remove all species that endanger or inconvenience human safety, and only preserve species that seem to live symbiotically with humans. UV AND IT'S ROLE IN THE ORIGIN OF LIFE. See this paper of mine with many new ideas, at this science website:

MODEL FOR SELECTION PRESSURE. The greater the selection pressure (directional or diversifying selection) the greater the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure. AND the lower the selection pressure (stabilizing selection), the lower the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure. SETI SEARCH AT 260 NM. I suggest looking for alien radio signals at the same frequency that RNA and DNA best absorb UV, 260 nm. FOUR PHRASE LANGUAGE TO TALK TO ALIENS. These four phrases cover most basic ideas:like and have, like and don't have, don't like and have, don't like and don't have.DEFINITION OF LIFE: Chemical system that can adjust to the environment through both constructive (build up) and deconstructive (break down) processes.


TOYS, GAMES, RIDES, AND PLAYHOUSES. Time for fun. Here are some new ideas in the play department. DOT'S PLAYHOUSE. Move a Victorian Mansion to Fair Park, fill it full of toys, and open it up to all the kids in town. The first city toy house. "TUGBOAT" the TV show. A live TV program in real time, with all kinds of daily kidís activities and adventures. Lots of interactive fun with a little learning too. TUGBOAT, an amusement park/boat for kids (see Musead above for the adult version). BLOCKS. Not regular wood, but every type of walls, windows, doors, and roofs, in miniature. It allows any child or adult to build their own models of homes, churches, skyscrapers. Does for building what Barbie did for fashion. PLAYERS, A GAME OF TWELVES. A board game where players try to build character and experiences through incidents in 12 categories of life.THE 'Z' PUZZLE. This puzzle, a page of "Z"s that has some hidden message, has yet to be solved and itís been years! Prize still awaits.THE "COSMOS". Idea for the world's largest carousel, with a space theme.



FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. Four ideas for everyone.

7. CBA's, COMMUNITY BANK ACCOUNTS ***** Government, Groups, or Individuals set up a neighborhood bank account. Capital is never spent. Interest goes to community to do what they decide is best. Bank holding capital can only loan out to that community.Other ideas include; THE AFFORDABLE HOME. Smaller homes for couples, seniors, or singles that have all the basics for $20-40 thousand. DRUGS, BUY THE CROP. US and/or other countries, buy all the cocaine and heroin crops directly from the farmers at their lowest price. Then they control the entire crop. PEOPLE POWER. Cheap, green, even healthy power. Hook generators to gates at stadiums, and revolving doors in skyscrapers.



OUT AND OUTER. Finally here are those ideas that have little boundaries. WIS, "WRITINGS IN SCIENCE". Most of my science-in-the-future ideas are in this sprawling novel in progress. Millions of years in the future, Earth is coming to an end, and these 'papers' are the writings in science that are gathered up for safe keeping and transport to the next world!



Well reader, are you exhausted? Have your mental circuits been taxed? Maybe you want to know more about this one or that idea? Contact me. Best Wishes - TH.






Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219


c. Tom Hendricks 2010


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