THE FASHION ISSUE  Musea #179 February/March/April  (c) Tom Hendricks 2011


Dear Reader,


This issue is almost all pictures - about 40+ fashion drawings of all types of clothes designs.  We don't have the pictures (see the hard copy versions), but here is the text.


Notes to the Fashion Issue:



HouseDallas - fashion house that specializes in four things

simple / playful / sophisticated / and sensual. 


Just a Number: colored t-shirts - each with a separate number on the pocket.


Light thin cotton blend gloves that cover to the elbow. All colors - mix and match. Fancy fun for little $.


Penny Jewelry Line - Some samples:


DIY Jewelry. little plastic see through locket, allows you to cut out any picture, photo, art work, that you like and make a one of a kind necklace or bracelet.


Faux Line.  Not expensive jewels, but laminated photos of expensive jewels on necklaces or bracelets.  Fashionable fun while making fun of faux  fashion


Nature Jewelry. Laminate spring flowers, or autumn leaves, and make a necklace or bracelet from it. Truly elegant


Paper rings.  Rolled up strips of paper laminated.


Keepsake bracelet, but with all pix of all the planets!



Belts - Some samples:


Tape Measure Belt.  How obvious! A belt that looks like a yellow tape measure!


Bring back 50's thin men's belts!


Clock Belt:  little watches all along a belt set to different time zones.



They put glasses on that manikin! You'd think if they could make a manikin, they could make one that sees!


Don't dress like a clown! Fashion not Costume


White Dress Shirt - but NOT starchy. White SOFT, like a t-shirt, Dress Shirt, but stiff enough to hold up to a tie.  Give us guys some dress - up comfort!


Models all sizes (and none of that NYC zombie- look on the runways) And shows every month - more fashion, and less faux-ion.


Button, Button! Each button, down the front, is a miniature photo of someone you love!


Some fashions here cost  $$$$$, some cost $. Fun to mix it all up.


Terry Cloth jackets protect us from an ever harsher sun - but they aren't elegant. Time to update the look. Time for elegant sun wear.


T-shirt that reads on the front " Yet Another T-Shirt Message!"


Tips: Mix  shiny with soft. Faux fur, if fur at all! Try all the same color but every item a different shade of that color.


HD labels -  not just one, that's boring. Many different ones each an artwork in itself.


THE American Uniform is:  blue jeans, white t-shirt, white socks, sneakers.


Umbrellas with the solar system pictured on top  (or world map, or???)


Van Gogh Fashion - great blue soft hat in his portrait of Armand Roulin.


Patch Jackets (like patch quilts - but wearable), made of tiny square patches of  assorted colors. Can do the same with assorted strands of yarn - jacket.


Cowboy styled clothes vintage jewelry, or waiter's jackets, all  add dash.


Nothing steals away all sex appeal faster than overalls!


Kids shoe with initials, first on left shoe, second on right.


HouseDallas  - Musea's name for its fashion division.


We suggest: all designer shows with open call. Those interested show up with models dressed in their best efforts. Best of the lot put on a monthly clothes design show.


We suggest all designer's show - art exhibit.  Monthly art exhibit of designers fashion drawings.  Not all can afford making the clothes, but anyone can afford drawing the clothes - and displaying the best. Helps open the door!


Fashion shows should always have a grand finale. Here is ours - our models are in a cotton, white, uni, all -  connected PAPER DOLL outfit. 



Notes for Illustrations:



Welcome all - show's about to start!


Lead designer of HouseDallas, Tommy says ...


Add bells - ring-a-ding-ding!


Designer, late with portfolio


Hat after Robin of Pooh fame.


Make-up should enhance ...  secretly


Felt crowns


Manikin / wominikin


Rope Tie


Metorite Rock on a Bolo Tie


Starry Night Wizard Cap



Cover Photo - Dorothy McGuire


HouseDallas and all the ideas, drawings, and text here are by Tom Hendricks.

See you on the runway! 



Musea is

Tom Hendricks

4000 Hawthorne #5

Dallas Texas 75219


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