Here's more pithy points, and barbed banter from Musea's Editor, Art S Revolutionary


I look...

and look again


The paradigm is shifting from conservative vs. liberal, to corporations vs. democracy.


My iron was wrought!


Trying to combine Bach precision with Tchaikovsky melody (my piano pieces).


Some argue that modern art doesn't have to be beautiful. I argue that it doesn't

have to be ugly either.


People can't buy groceries with political bickering.


No-isms - The name for the new art that opposes what modern art has become.


Your body is a wish list!


All work and low pay...


I'm on Cloud 8 and climbing ...


Look, the mirror echoes me!


This is the dilemma, Socrates is thirsty!


If you desire enlightenment, should you end desire?


Poetry that makes no sense, makes no sense.


He was a billionaire who couldn't afford to buy a clue


Weird art is easy. You put a strip of raw bacon across an expensive violin - but it's not GREAT art!


Putting Hollywood starlets in old lady clothes is not my idea of fashion.


This garden book had thorns that gave paper cuts!


When the king lives in the basement, the kingdom is well served.


A narrow mind in a fat head!


Title for a painting:  'This is not a  Magritte'


When you rate films by sales not quality, you are really rating their promo campaign.


Even if all the world was an ocean, we'd invent ports.


This zoo forgot to list all their bacteria!


GUT theory found, but there are strings attached!


Anytime something good happens to me, I'm not there!


1984 is a nightmarish book not an enviable lifestyle!


If the old ideas worked, we wouldn't have the old problems.


Like a ladder half way up a wall...


How can those who are unconscious predict the emergence of consciousness?


The dog doesn't care if you are famous


Consciousness is the beginning of an awakening


My first novel is out. It tells the story of how I got my first novel out.


Some flowers are cut. Most wither on the vine.


Catabolic and Anabolic don't blend!!!


The boy on crutches is skipping!!!


On some modern artists - Sure he's an artist - a con artist.


Good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones.


Beware of skinny people with power.


On the Mainstream Media - I could get more hard news from a mood ring!


If time is real, is anti time real too?


Combo Style - guitar playing where you play bass, lead, and rhythm, all at once.


When others walked, she skipped.

Translations - like a kiss through glass.


A drop of vanilla sets a mood.


Books are closed most of the time.


The deaf Texan signed with a drawl.


Nobody is more needy than rich people


Breast Feeding - perfected over a million years.


Breast milk is the world's best diet drink.


We are not wise enough to discuss the paranormal yet.


We need a media to investigate the media


On the consolidation of the media: Remember even Big Brother had 2 competitors!


Hollywood is like high school but with no class.


When you meet someone in a bar, the only thing you have in common is drinking!


How many doors does one wall need?


Birds have roads too.


On Corporate bands:   I hear that wherever they go, they sell out!


(Change a few words and ....)

Ask not what Big Brother can do for you! Ask what you can do for Big Brother!


They've put glasses on that store manikin! You'd think if they could make a manikin, they could make one that could see!


I called my daughter Dot, my son Dash!


Everything starts out simple


This string only has one end!


National Hiring Day: There has never been a time in US history where hiring people would hurt corporations less or help the country more.


For fun, we'd race light beams

This bookmark is my ticket!


Fog is a cloud that's lost its way.


The revolution is here, the media is there


I raised a scarecrow from a piece of straw.


The Rosetta Stone has a page of comics!


My educational breakthrough was surviving the education I was going through.


I revoke your poetic license


There was a year when the stars came on.


A book is artificial intelligence.


Time to put the roll back in rock. Roll is the grease in the machine.


Real fashion is the clothes you wear while designing clothes!


Roommate, Muse.


Pulsars, Quasars, and Black Holes , Oh My!


I'm the president of two clubs: Band all Leaf Blowers, and No Ads on the Moon.


People that know red can imagine pink, but not green.


And the Moon is the spice ....


His life had a punch line.


Once you get to iron, steel is not far behind.


His voodoo doll had a better personality.


If you think bands are progressive, we aren't even in the same century.


Film sequel: 38 Steps and one fall.


She was one of the tall straws!


Do be a fan. Don't be a blowhard.


This music gives me an arpeggio up and down my spine!


Clothes with more holes than buttons.


The less I say, the more you'll imagine.


My shadow and I sing duets.


Not one ray more, not one shadow less.


Half as likely and twice as hard.


Fiction is a subset of reality


This egg has no yolk


The more edits in a film, the more dreamlike it is. The fewer edits the more realistic.


The worse art gets, the more award shows there are.


When everyone's a winner, winning is meaningless.


A TV Review: The Hulk had the best lines!


A no hit wonder has no career. A one hit wonder has a career for life.


Even with water he couldn't grow rust.


There are walls, even in space.


If time is an arrow, who shot it?


Don't look at the snowflake on the top of the mountain. Look at the mountain!


Who decorated this place, the bomb squad?


Imagine a graph showing a bell curve of openness to new ideas.

Dallas would be 3 miles to the left ... of that chart!


Like looking for grey in grey!


He's out to lunch and not paying the check.


I've decided to live in the bookstore and just visit my home.


Sometimes the mystical can be very down to earth.


If it's made up, it's real NOW.


Comment on my school photo: I used to look much younger.


Every person is two people; the person you meet at first and the person they turn into.


The most moving poetry says something profound in simple words.


Actor: This is footage of me when I'm not in front of the camera.


Time and gravity are one way streets.


Box Office Sign: "The movie isn't in 3D, but our theater is."


Rauschenberg's best work was his erasings.


Any one can make a song list, no one can make one better.


If you had unlimited wishes, would you use them up?


I line outside the colors!!!


Humpty Dumpty had shell shock


There's a difference between making a movie and manufacturing one.


Conceptual art can be anything - even bad art!


What if the treasure map is more valuable than the treasure


Bad art - I look and I'm done. Great art - I look and look again.>


No one holds lightning for long.







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