Issue 125

MUSEA Announces this year's inductees to the ZINE Hall of Fame

Welcome to the 9th group of inductees to the Musea Zine Hall of Fame. Our 2 part criteria in determining our choices is:

1. The zine must be published for at least 3 years (or 12 issues)

2. The zine has to be of the highest quality - and it is a plus if the zinester is prolific, and supports other zines. This group of 5 brings our total to 62 members. For a complete list see our website. We salute this group of zinesters and their vast talents and solid achievements!

#63 Sugar Needle. Sweet - that's the word that comes to mind. I'm looking at issue #21 the Candy Crafts issue, but every issue is deliciously sweet reading. That's the point of Sugar Needle. They celebrate all types of candy. The tall thin zine is full of short articles that talk about candy, candy wrappers, candy stores etc.

This quote from 'Greetings from Times Sq.' that's talking about Candyland the store within the Times Square Toys R Us: "All the kids are out of control when they come to Candyland. Sugar keeps them happy and bouncing off the walls. We supply them with hundreds of choices - gum, sour candies, jelly beans, gummi candy, hard candy, licorice, Pez, lollipops, spin pops, candy corn, novelty items, candy jewelry, and tons of chocolate. We have a special dispenser that holds M&M's in 21 colors."

Also note the numerous hand colored illustrations and even a back cover, rubber stamped with candy. And finally editor Corina writes "Don't ferget to brush yer teeth."The 2 editors are Corina Fastwolf, Minneapolis; Phlox Icona, Atlanta. Sugar Needle, POB 30015, Minn, MN 55403.

#64 Fanzine Fanatique English couple Keith and Rosemary Walker have been doing this quarterly zine review so long, they still refer to zines as fanzines (that's decades worth of publishing). Each issue is simple and basic - 4 pages of zine reviews that are insightful, polite, long enough to get the jist of it, truthful (not always the case in review zines), plus they show an impossible-to-hide, ongoing love for indy publishing in all its forms. Fine reviews with a British point of view. Walkers, 6 Vine St. Lancaster, LA1 4UF, England.

#65 Carrie McNinch. Zines include The Assassin & the Whiner (perzine comics) and Food Geek (zine celebrating all aspects of food) etc.

Multi talented McNinch is a skilled cartoonist that uses that gift to illustratre her perzine comic, The Assassin & the Whiner. Issue 13 for ex. talks of her fight against depression, "You should figure out a relationship is history when all you find yourself doing is dissecting every conversation ... all in hope that you'll find the words you need to hear." Food Geek is a lite-er mix, an anthology of zinesters writings on food with an emphasis on vegetarianism, "Subscriptions are available but I've made it a tad tricky. Send me a sample of your local chocolate or an old cookbook if you want a subscription." Each is a first rate zine on its own. POB 49403, LA, CA 90049.

#66 Ten Page News Opinionated math teacher, Owen Thomas gives reviews, rants, and articles in every 10 pager. There's a lot squeezed into these small pages including zine and comic reviews illustrated with their covers ( a nice touch that I love), small press events, guest illustrators for the cover art and illustrations, articles on his life, and more. Also note his vast zine resource website

Sample quote from "Why I Teach Such Good Classes" (#32) "Now I've tried to be that guy that dresses up nice and dots all the tees and crosses all the eyes and always has beautiful slides for the overhead and ends 30 seconds before the bell. But I gave up trying a long time ago: I am not that guy. A really good day for me - and we've had a few - is when I'm moving around the room troubleshooting and I can overhear a whole bunch of different conversations abou the Problem Of The Day. Then I know I've asked the right question ... and for me, that's the most important skill I've learned over my, whatever, n years as a teacher. Try to have some faith; I might know what I'm doing." POB 9651 columbus OH 43209.

#67 Jason Koivu. His longest running zine is probably the daily perzine journal Mr. Peebody's Soiled Trousers and Other Delights. Also he's written one shots like And the Survey Says (100 zinesters surveyed) plus Been There Done That a collaboration with live-in girlfriend Cherry (a house full of zinesters) etc. Issue 18 of Mr Peebodys may be the last issue, in journal form; but, in the meantime, it showcases the skills of this zinester: amazing honesty throughout, love for sports, his struggling filmmaking career, family life, life with Cherry and their LA friends, plus a lot of travelling and eating out. "March 8. Last night I had this terrible dream. A middle-aged woman, dressed in a plain flower dress quietly and slowly enters the apartment. It's very creepy. She seems/looks harmless, but there's something eerie about her silence.

I realize she's breaking in for whatever reason and I rush her. She pulls out a knife and stabs me. I'm all right, but Cherry's in the room and I'm afraid she'll get hurt. I wake up right around then. It's International Women's day today." POB 931333, LA,CA 90093.

As always we appreciate your comments and suggestions for more inductees.

. Congratulations to all! - th.

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